How the GOP Ended Up with Candidates Like Donald Trump and Roy Moore

A new Morning Consult poll reveals that Republicans care more about a candidate’s policy positions than they do about his or her character. That explains how a serial sexual assaulter became president and a serial pedophile almost became a U.S. senator.

Here’s the data:


Dept. of Irony: Ivanka Speaks out on Women’s Rights

Jimmy Kimmel: Punkin’ Alabama with ‘Judge Roy Moore’s Number One Fan’

Jimmy Kimmel sent comedian Jake Bird to Alabama to punk Judge Roy Moore and his fans.

Laurence Tribe: Donald’s Tweet about Flynn Was a Confession of Obstruction of Justice



Donald Admitted ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Was Real in 2016 – Now He Claims It’s Fake

Trump in 2016: ‘I said it. I was wrong and I apologize.’


In tandem with his support for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of having sex with an underage girl and abusive behavior with eight other girls and women, Donald Trump now denies it was his voice that was recorded on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.


The Obamas Wish Us a Happy Thanksgiving


Pensito Review also wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, with this reminder that not everyone in government is like the current occupant.

Rep. Issa’s Democratic Opponent Calls Him Out at Town Hall

There are 14 Republicans in California’s 53 seat congressional delegation. Seven of the 14 are in districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Rep. Darrell Issa, the wealthiest member of Congress — and perhaps the most unpopular politician statewide — is one of the seven.

Environmental lawyer Mike Levin nearly beat Issa last year. Now Levin is gunning for Issa again.

Impact of the Trump Tax Scam in One Chart


Judd Apatow Wasn’t Talking About Al Franken But He Should Have Been

frankenI couldn’t click fast enough when I saw tweets about Sen. Al Franken and a claim he forced himself on a woman during a USO tour 11 years ago. That’s because I always liked Al Franken, back to the days of appearances on Letterman, then Saturday Night Live, and then the U.S. Senate. His book, “Al Franken: Giant of the Senate” was both inspirational and entertaining, and gave me hope for Washington, since Franken talked about how personal relationships get built (except in the case of Ted Cruz, of course) that cross party lines and lead to better legislation.

When I read talk radio host’s Leeann Tweeden’s account word by word, I came away feeling unconvinced that Franken did something clearly egregious, let alone wildly awful and out of character. It sounded like an incident Franken might have cited in his book, where he talked at length about the “dehumorizing machine” that Republicans ran his works of satire through during his first Senate campaign. Franken said that some of the material they trotted out as proof of his unfitness for office was indeed in terrible taste, while some was just plain bad. But some was funny, or at least it was in context, and during the times it was produced.

Still, I was concerned. Not just that Tweeden’s version of events was accurate but that Franken would be disgraced even if they weren’t.


2 Million People Have Signed Tom Steyer’s Petition Calling for Donald’s Impeachment

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