Did Eating Glue Make Stephen Miller Mean?

Dear Dr. Democrat:
Can you explain to me why his third-grade teacher would be “reassigned” to her home for saying Stephen Miller ate dried glue in Santa Monica, California? And do you think eating all that glue is what made him turn out so gosh-darn mean?

— Wondering in Waukegan

Dear Wondering:

Here’s how I suspect it happened. The White House has no pressure point in the California state government. All the elected state officials are Democrats. Dems control both houses of the legislature.The Los Angeles County supervisors are all Dems. They supervise the Los Angeles Unified School District. City of Santa Monica, which is part of LAUSD, is one of the most liberal places in the country. (Tom Hayden was on the city council there for years.)

Video: Is Ted Cruz ‘Tough as Texas?’

The Kavanaugh Court

Video: Trump Boards Air Force One with Toilet Paper Stuck to His Shoe

Update: Apparently not fake.

LOSER! Trump Is Failing to Get Rich off His Presidency, Bigly

Workers removing Trump branding from a Manhattan condo building

Forbes has an article up that details how Trump is failing in his efforts to cash in bigly off his presidency.

You should read the entire article, but the Daily Beast has published this “Speed Read” of the five “richest bits” in the Forbes article:


Trump’s Finances Exposed: Fraud, Tax Evasion and Lies

Son and father: Donald and Fred Trump

The New York Times has published an exhaustive expose into the reality behind Donald Trump’s wealth. It’s a story of fraud, tax evasion and lies that runs counter to the myth about himself that Trump has created — myth that the media, including the Times, by its own admission, has fostered over the decades.

Here are 11 key points from the Times’ findings:


GOP Desperate to Put Kavanaugh on Bench in Time to Rule on Case That Would Allow Trump to Pardon State-Level Crimes

Why the rush? Gamble v. United States will be on the docket when the Supreme Court reconvenes this month

From Natasha Bernard at The Atlantic: “A key Republican senator has quietly weighed in on an upcoming Supreme Court case that could have important consequences for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation”:


Sen. Flake Shamed by Assault Victim: ‘Look at Me When I’m Talking to You!’

Via Raw Story: “A group of furious women on Friday confronted Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in an elevator on Capitol Hill and raked him over the coals for his decision to support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. While he was standing in the elevator, at least two women walked up to him and began yelling about his decision to vote for Kavanaugh, who is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.”

In response, CNN legal expert Jeffery Toobin said, “If there is a weaker, more pathetic political figure in the U.S. than Jeff Flake, I’m not aware of who it is,” he said. “I thought yesterday was a classic demonstration of his inability to stand for anything.”

It’s Official — The U.S. Is Now the Laughingstock of the Entire World

Kimberly Alters of the Week covered Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly today. Here’s how it went:

President Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, speaking directly to the gathered world leaders for the second time in his presidency. “One year ago, I stood before you for the first time,” Trump said to begin his speech, explaining that he planned to update U.N. leaders on the “extraordinary progress we’ve made.”

Rote introduction dispensed with, Trump’s solemn tone forecasted a serious, on-message speech. That is, until his very next sentence. “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” he said — prompting laughter from his audience. Trump interrupted himself to say his declaration was “so true,” which only evoked heartier laughter from the crowd.

After an awkward beat, Trump relented: “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s okay,” he said with a half-smile. Again, the crowd laughed, this time with applause. Watch the stunning moment below.

It’s Time for Us to Make America Great Again

Pending Deportation Shows What Trump Has Done to Us as a People

If you’ve ever wondered what living in pre-war Germany was like, and how people could turn a blind eye on injustices they must have known their government was committing, wonder no longer.

The sadness and frustration you’ll feel from reading the Detroit Free Press report of the pending deportation (and in pragmatic terms, death sentence) of a deaf and mentally disabled man for no good reason whatsoever will make you ashamed of what Trump has turned us into. Our country has lost its way.

America wasn’t perfect before Trump came along but it was…pretty great. It’s time make America great again.

Resist, resist, resist. And vote for every Democrat on the ballot this November.