Murder Charges Look Likelier for Abramoff

Tom DeLay’s sugar daddy, Jack Abramoff, should be sweating. After all, Florida still has the death penalty.

An amazing coincidence was previously reported by PR. The guy Abramoff swindled — SunCruz Casinos owner Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis — was riddled with bullets at about the same time he would have been finding out Abramoff never intended to pay him. The matter is suddenly getting close police scrutiny. Lakeland Ledger:

Abramoff, 46, and 41-year-old Adam Kidan are charged in a six-count grand jury indictment with conspiracy and wire fraud in the September 2000 purchase of SunCruz Casinos from Boulis. Prosecutors say the pair concocted a fake $23 million wire transfer to make it appear to lenders they were putting a sizable stake of their own money into the deal…

A few months following the $147.5 million sale of SunCruz, Boulis was shot to death in his car after it was blocked by other vehicles and an assailant pulled alongside in what police say was an apparent hit. The killing occurred after weeks of acrimony stemming from the sale, including a physical altercation between Kidan and Boulis, who also founded the Miami Subs fast-food chain.

Police wanted to question Abramoff from the get-go about the killing but for some reason (um — influence?) they never followed up when he failed to appear.

The lawyer, Neal Sonnett, said after a brief scheduling hearing in federal court that Abramoff had expected to meet with Fort Lauderdale homicide detectives shortly after the February 2001 slaying of Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis.

The interview never happened, Sonnett said, and now Fort Lauderdale detectives are expressing new interest in talking with Abramoff.

Abramoff is free on bail right now on charges he swindled American Indians out of $66 million. Tom DeLay, who partied hearty on Abramoff’s dole, continues to get away with murder in Congress.

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