Pew Poll: Bush’s Approval Rating Circling the Toilet

“I am not a crook, neither”: The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted Nov. 3-6 among 1,201 Americans, found that a year into their respective second terms, George Bush’s job approval is only nine points higher than Richard Nixon’s approval mark in early November 1973. Bush’s approval ratings have fallen to another new low, amid a growing focus on alleged ethical lapses in his administration.

  • Just 36% say Bush has lived up to his campaign pledge to restore integrity to the White House
  • 79% of Americans say the recent indictment of I. Lewis Libby is a matter of importance to the nation — greater than the 65% who said that in 1998 about charges that former President Clinton lied under oath about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky
  • 42% of Americans think that Libby is guilty of the charges brought against him
  • 43% of Americans think that U.S. and British leaders were mostly lying when they claimed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, up from 31% in February 2004
  • Bush’s Supreme Court nominee – Judge Samuel Alito Jr. – has received favorable initial reviews from the public, with nearly two-to-one (40%-23%) saying the Senate should confirm Alito to the court
  • Asked to name the first current news story that comes to mind, Americans most frequently cite the war and troop deaths in Iraq (19%), recent hurricanes and their aftermath (14%), and the Libby case (11%); only 5% mention Bush’s appointments to the Supreme Court

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