Rightwinger Barr Says Bush’s Spying Is Impeachable So Freepers Attack Dems and Media

You can’t make this stuff up: Pam Spaulding went to Freeper Country looking for reaction to former GOP Rep. Bob Barr’s statement on Friday that President Bush was “apparently in violation of federal laws” when he authorized domestic spying.

“The problem isn’t the spying; it’s the secrecy. Surely that’s something conservatives can wrap their heads around, as Bob Barr seems to have done.”
— Shakespeare’s Sister

After first refusing to confirm or deny that he had ordered spying on U.S. citizens, President Bush came out swinging yesterday, using national security (9/11) to justify (9/11) his shredding (9/11) of the Constitution (9/11) . The White House strategy now is to muddy the waters. They cite newer laws that contradict the 1978 law Bush allegedly broke that requires the government to obtain special court orders before wiretapping Americans.

Of course, these complexities are too large to fit in the Freepers’ walnut-sized brainpan. Here are a few of Pam’s Actual Freeper Quotes�:

“There is nothing I’d like to see more than a Democrat attempt to impeach GWB for doing his duty to proetct America. The backlash would be incredible. 58-60 Republican Senators in 2006. The true colors of the America haters and Al Quaida sympathizers would be out for all to see. Let the debate go on…”

“We need to treat the Democrats and the media as we would relatives that will steal from us. Civility but that’s it. Same for the Rino’s. If we let McCain and company continue to lead our party we soon will see Democrats at all levels of government. People will elect bright red over pink every time.”

“I am currently pretty angry at President Bush for once again folding to McCain, though less angry today than yesterday because he came out with guns blazing at the New York Times and the left this morning. But any move to imoeach him by the left will be over my aging dead body.”

“I agree, let the Democrats try to impeach him, they don’t have the votes to actually do so, nor do they have the balls to expose how they failed in their duty to the nation. They will drop like flies when it is exposed how little they cared to know prior to the invasion of Iraq and Bush will be vindicated and vleared of any charges the democrats will try to bring.”

It’s the college professors and professional welfare recipients who want to replace The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave with Free Handouts of everything and Welfare King Home Boys running everything.

Finally the hate-America so-called journalists who will tell any lie, support any falsehood and change any statistic, as long at it boosts their ratings and derides Republicans.

In other words, President Bush is making the country safe for the wealthy and the slow-witted, and everything would be okay if the Democrats and the media would just leave him alone.

As Shakespeare’s Sister says, “The problem isn�t the spying; it�s the secrecy. Surely that�s something conservatives can wrap their heads around, as Bob Barr seems to have done. All they have to do is substitute ‘sex’ for spying, and ‘lying’ for ‘secrecy,’ and they�ll come up with a phrase that�s bound to ring rather familiar.”

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  • michael stark
    December 19, 2005 - 5:21 pm | Permalink

    My only question is who did he spy on…. a) if he spied on terrorists… then he could very easily have received court approval… b) if he spied on the media? political opponents (ala Nixon)? Then we’ll see the the electorate has the ability to see the danger in George W. Bush and elect a new Congress.

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