Is the Resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss Hookergate Related?

Rumors have been swirling around Washington that CIA Director Porter Goss may have been involved in the poker and prostitute parties at the Watergate Hotel hosted by the defense contractors who bribed former Rep. Duke Cunningham. Goss was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee when the parties took place, so it is possible he was involved somehow in either the bribery, the sex with prostitutes or both.

Goss’s abrupt resignation today was offered without a reason — not even the old Washington bromide of an urgent need to spend more time with his familiy. The news readers on CNN and MSNBC are pussyfooting around it but it is hard to see how Goss’s sudden departure after a little more than a year as head of the CIA is not connected to the Watergate II scandals.

Here’s some background on the scandals that posted on Alternet earlier today:

According to recent reports, federal investigators have traced the outlines of a far more extensive network of suspected corruption, involving multiple members of Congress, some of the nation’s highest-ranking intelligence officials, bribery attempts including “free limousine service, free stays at hotel suites at the Watergate and the Westin Grand, and free prostitutes,” tens of millions of dollars in federal contracts awarded under dubious circumstances, and even efforts to influence U.S. national security policy by subverting democratic oversight…

CIA director Goss tied to scandal?

Last week, Harper’s magazine reported that party-goers “under intense scrutiny by the FBI are current and former lawmakers on Defense and Intelligence committees — including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.” CIA Director Porter Goss is perhaps the only individual who fits such a description. (“This is horribly irresponsible. He hasn’t even been to the Watergate in decades,” a CIA spokeswoman said. When asked if Goss had attended Wilkes’ parties at the Westin or other locations, she repeated the denial. “It’s horribly irresponsible. Flatly untrue.”) But the alleged links between Goss, Foggo, and Wilkes have led some to return to questions raised when Goss initially selected Foggo to be executive director in November 2004.

Update: NBC’s Tim Russert has been rushed in front of the cameras to insist that Goss’s resignation is a result of head-butting from John Negroponte, the Director of National Intelligence. In other words, “Move along, folks, move along. Nothing to see here.”


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    Maybe he is linked to the prostitutes, but I think its more likely that Bush wants to use the CIA domestically and not even Goss would do it. So they put in the NSA fixer. This is just speculation, but as far as I know so is the prostitute story. Also, if Bush appointes Hayden and the Senate confirms him, that is a backdoor approval for the NSA’s illegal wiretaps.

  • bobby johnson
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    while most would like to see goss tied to hookergate and there probably is some evidenceof that this is more a power struggle within the agency,the field reps and agents hated goss,he was brought in by cheney so cheney could get all the info he wanted,well the agents fired back and threatened exposing some sensitive info about goss hookergate and also operation 40,interesting subject,it appears goss and several others met with lee harvey oswald days before k assasination.

  • GOPHater
    May 6, 2006 - 5:35 am | Permalink

    Well hell yea, it’s the only way a Repug can get laid… I mean, look at em!

  • Bob F.
    May 6, 2006 - 6:04 am | Permalink

    The repukelicans can murder, rob, kill, maim, and steal, with impunity, but crank in the most powerful weapon on the planet, pussy, and then you get everyone’s attention.
    I’ve long said that all women should be made to carry a concealed weapon permit for those things.

  • chuck stevens
    May 6, 2006 - 6:20 am | Permalink


    Joe 6 pack understood the Lewinski affair because it had to do with sex. You would think that the brewing Hookergate scandal should be a slamdunk, right? Sadly, it won’t be because the media has consistantly failed to show the Republican Hipocracy of the past 10 years. Observe:

    1. Rush Linbaugh is a drug abuser, who illegally doctor shopped, yet self rightiously attacks drug abusers while being an adict himself. Did the media bring that point out? NO!

    2. Guliani is made the media darling for his heroic actions on,911, but cheated on his wife while they both lived in the NYC mayor’s residence.

    3. Cheney is not given a breathalizer test after shooting a man in the face, but God forbide if we ever let up on REP. Patrick Kennedy.

    4. Governor Arnold is a sexual harasser, but the media dismisses it because it was “in the past”, yet they cling on to every lie of Paula Jones.

    5. Bush lets members of the bin Laden family escape the US in the hours after 911, but anyone who criticizes the Bush administration is a traitor. Only Michael Moore brought this up.

    6. Bush is a cocaine user, with DUI’s as a man in his 40’s, but like REP. Henry Hyde’s affair that broke up a man’s marriage the media accepts his statement that it was a”Youthful indiscretion”.

    7. Tom Delay prommotes the tax free shelter for his Abrahamoff business connections on the island of Sipan, but the Chinese workers there are often forced into abortions. Family Values my ass! Only Al Franken has talked about this.

    8. Ken Star wastes millions on a fishing expedition, of an ultra- conservative-backed, Paula Jones, yet Republican blowhards are currently whining about the cost of investigating the outing of a covert CIA agent working on Nukes in Iran in “Plamegate”. Fair and Balanced? Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!!

    9. The conservative Supreme Court constantly stresses the the importantance of “State’s Rights”, yet decides strictly on partisian grounds to stop the Florida recount in 2000. Where was the media on that point?

    10. John Kerry is Swiftboated by that nasty little fuck Karl Rove, yet “W” got Daddy to pulls strings to get out of going to Vietnam and then he goes AWOL from the Alabama National Guard. But the real story here is: “Rathergate”. Come on!

    Question: With the pro conservative media of today, how will Hookergate be any different?

    This helps explains why the “Koolaid drinking” FOX News viewers continue believe that any Republican misdeeds are OK. The media spins everything in favor of the Republicans or fails to report there wrongs at all. Without an independant media, kiss our democracy goodbye!

    It pains me, but “Hookergate” won’t be any different.


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  • Brendan O'Maidian
    May 6, 2006 - 8:15 am | Permalink

    Why hasn’t anyone distributed the photo of dumya patting the top of Gannon’s bald head…at a public function, no less?
    Does anyone need a thousand words to explain that act?

  • Jacky Jay
    May 6, 2006 - 8:17 am | Permalink

    Patriot is right! These bastards will retain their majority through the use of the corrupted voting machines. We tried twice before to vote these sob’s out with electronic voting so why do so many people think that it will work this time. WELCOME TO FASCISM AMERICA!

  • May 6, 2006 - 10:10 am | Permalink

    I’m sure the Unindicted Disgrace of The United States has already contacted John ‘I cannot tell a lie’ Roberts about Negroponte’s Confirmation for the CIA. This will stall the Report on The Fiction for Iraq from seeing daylight until after the mid-term elections.

  • Marc364
    May 6, 2006 - 11:45 am | Permalink

    What’s wrong with politicians having it it off with paid sex workers? Remember, the time politicians spend f****** these ladies takes away from the time that they might otherwise be f****** America and the world.

  • DJ
    May 6, 2006 - 1:38 pm | Permalink

    I must say, it’s very generous of the folks making this solely about so called “Republicans”.

    The dynamic of corruption and graft at the root of all that’s rotten inside the beltway, BENEFITS immensely from the polarized perception of “Left/Right politics.” That’s a huge part of The Game. More of the blame game, that politicians play on each other, is for theatre and distraction, than most Americans know. No. It’s not conspiracy theory. It’s just the way it’s played.

    For as long as most folks think the government is “them”, instead of us, for just that long will this tired story keep playing, with only the party’s and politicos names changing.

    Dig deep, and ignore the left right of it all, and behind the scenes you’ll find pols providing an awful lot of “professional courtesy” to each other.

    Still, perfectly intelligent folks still talk left/right polarized politics, as if that’s a real mechanism for what’s good or bad in our current political system.

    And so……………. the corruption continues………

  • WJW
    May 6, 2006 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

    The news the last 2 days was about
    P Kennedy’s ambien and phenergan usage. Fox made a real big deal out of it. Got more news coverage then Chaney’s shooting someone. But the truth behind it, Hide what is really going on…. Maybe the White house staff should use ambien. It might help keep them in bed at night. cut the cost of visits Jeff makes. more to come! Picture’s

  • Carole S.
    May 6, 2006 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

    Folks, does anyone consider that sex scandals are not what they are worried about-what if it is a power struggle between Negroponte and Goose (I mean Goss) lost out-not because he was so principled but rather because Negroponte’s perspective requires absolute obedience? Isn’t it possible that sex scandals aren’t enough to push this Congress out? Personally, I am worried.

  • tommy
    May 6, 2006 - 1:52 pm | Permalink

    Bushco is now all but finished off ….

  • GOP & Dems have destroyed themselves
    May 6, 2006 - 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Chuck Stephens encapsulated it well:

    The only value that the GOP has anymore is self-serving hypocrisy. (let’s add in the corporate Democrats there as well, just self-serving hypocrisy.)

    Almost the whole U.S. Congress is a human cess pool of corruption.

    Besides, another list like Chuck’s could be made on all the “fake left” leading the Democratic party, starting with the Clintons who introduced most of the police state creation during his tenure in the 1990s, etc., and Hillary Clinton working with arming Iraq in the late 1980s with George H. W. Bush himself through a corporation called American Lafarge.

    The late David Brower of the Sierra Club said that the whitewash of Clinton/Gore was so good that no one knew how much worse their tenures were for the environment than even the previous Bush I admin.!

    So widen the net. The two parties “running” the U.S. are the most evil and self-serving bunch of corporate criminals yet. Two parties of hypocrites, both involved in the international drug trade and covering it up, both involved in vote fraud and refusing to address it!

    On Clinton/Bush family connections with drug trade protection, read the book _Compromised.

    For Democratic support of GOP vote fraud, all you should do is watch Gore verify the 2000 Electoral Congress vote, in the opening scenes of Moore’s Farenheit 9-11!

    For 2004, all you have to do is remember Kerry rolling over for his Skull and Bones buddy Bush, Jr.!

    Remember it was the Kerry Commission (Bonesman John Kerry!) who covered up the extent of the Iran-Contra affairs of the Bonesmen heavy Bush family in the 1980s!

    Anyone who STILL supports the Republicans or the Democrats–or thinks they are different parties, are surely insane by now.

    Open your eyes. Behind all their talk of being different parties, they are the same corrupt network operating the U.S.

    There are real Reupblicans and real Democrats as individuals, though their parties are totally commmitted to Bush’s pre-emptive total surveillance police state along this Fourth Reich plan.

  • rAT
    May 6, 2006 - 3:13 pm | Permalink

    Who ‘set up’ the hooker op and why? These are the real questions. Did the spooks fall for one of their own oldest tricks & become entrapped themselves? Compromised politicians are nothing new. Supposedly Bush is totally compromised by Israel (gayness & drug dealing), not to mention Skull & Bones (gayness. Clinton was owned lock stock and barrel by the ‘company’ while Ark. Gov. Bill Casey & Ollie North used the state as their own private 3rd world airbase for Contra pilots, flying guns out and drugs in. I just take it for a fact that all politicians are compromised somehow. If they don’t play ball, they get ‘Clintoned’ or even ‘Wellstoned”. Yeah, WHO set this up? Jeff Gannon?

  • Steve
    May 6, 2006 - 3:19 pm | Permalink

    Gee does ‘republican’ and ‘democrat’ have any true meaning anymore?

  • May 6, 2006 - 4:03 pm | Permalink

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  • Robert Wilgus
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    The URL says it all, time is that the truth as to widespread torture of US citizens is comming home to roost; it may be the convienience of quitting before the exposure occurs is why he has cut and run.

  • RICH
    May 8, 2006 - 6:22 pm | Permalink


  • Billy Bob
    May 10, 2006 - 2:33 am | Permalink

    question of the day…

    what happens if you dance out of line at a square dance contest? :)

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