White House Subpoenaed over NSA Wiretap Case

I doubt the MSM will find much time to cover this story, what with John Mark Karr being not guilty in the JonBenet Ramsey case, and all:

Two attorneys representing claimants in a lawsuit over wiretapping by the National Security Agency claim that they have sent subpoenas to the White House today, RAW STORY has learned.

Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer, who say they represent hundreds of plaintiffs in lawsuits against Verizon, AT&T, and the US Government, will announnce today that they are serving both the Bush administration and Verizon with subpoenas.

The announcement is due to arrive at 4:30 PM, outside of Verizon headquarters in New York, RAW STORY has confirmed.

Mayer tells RAW STORY that the subpoenaes, directed to President George Bush, the Office of Legal Counsel, the Department of Justice, and the Chief Legal Counsel for Verizon, have already been sent, and should reach their targets tomorrow…

Mayer explained that the subpoena seeks to learn “whether the Bush administration has unlawfully targeted journalists, peace activists, libertarians, members of congress or generated an ‘enemies list.'”

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  • Nancy J. Edwards
    September 9, 2006 - 4:40 pm | Permalink

    My phone has been tapped off and on for several years. A few years ago I filed a complaint against a prime contractor( federal ). This is not an uncommon occurence. Subs file them frequently. I can’t get anyone to disclose to me who ordered these taps, interceptions of my fax, hacking my computer,stealing my email , etc…
    Probably the state too ( consider Neopotism) and the private partners ( EFI) . I think they listen to anyone they chose. Entertainment ? Trade Secrets? It annoys me the taxpayes monies are used to tamper with me and my business. I’m 50 years old and I work alone. No one should have to put up with this kind of nonsense.I currently live in Pinellas Park, FL. If anyone disovers my wiretap records please let me know.

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