Will GOP Gay Purge Cast Suspicion on Over-40 Singles Like Mehlman, Bolten and Condi?

The problem with purges is that the purgers rarely know when to stop.

Via Digby: Leaders of the Christian right such as Rev. Lou Sheldon at the Traditional Values Coalition and Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, are demanding a “Come to Jesus Meeting” with the GOP to discuss expelling gays from high positions within the party.

“Has the social agenda of the GOP been stalled by homosexual members and/or staffers?” asks Perkins.

He has a point, the Republicans have controlled the government for six years, and yet abortion is still legal and gays aren’t routinely rounded up and sent to forced reorientation camps.

But if “nuts” like Perkins and Wildmon want to cleanse all but God-fearing breeders from the party’s top ranks, will they stop with the Congress?

Digby mentions Mary Cheney, whom the party faithful embraced during the 2004 campaign. Shouldn’t she go too? After all, she is an out lesbian who often works for the vice president. Maybe she is part of the stealth cabal of liberals posing as gay Republican in order to stall the values agenda.

What about gays who are not out? Ken Mehlman, head of the Republican National Committee, for example, has refused to come out as a heterosexual.

How about top Gops who are middle-aged singles?

White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten is over 50 and single — and has been photographed on the arm of every Republican’s favorite beard, Bo Derek.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who apparently thinks of herself as George Bush’s “second wife,” is pushing 52 and very single, as far as we know.

When the Night of Long Knives comes, they’ll all have to prove their heterosexual purity, or they will have to go.

And that’s problem with purges. The purgers rarely know when to stop.

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  • Stephen Kriz
    October 15, 2006 - 9:50 am | Permalink

    What happens when George W. Bush’s homosexual escapades become public knowledge? For example, his homoerotic escapades when he was in Skull and Bones at Yale, or his homosexual affair with Victor Ashe, ambassador to Poland?

    Oh, I forgot, Bush is without sin, because he was “born again”. How convenient for him.

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