Just as Many Repugs Running as Dems

There are so many Democratic candidates for president in 2008 because Democrats are flighty and disorganized and usually out of left field. In fact, trying to get them to move together is like herding cats.

At least, that’s the sentiment that underscores the punch lines of the recent jokes on late night T.V. on the subject.

But according to my count, there are at least as many contenders on the Republican side. Why aren’t we yukking it up over how many and varied they are?

Democrats Declared or Expected to Run for President in 2008:

1. Sen. Joe Biden
2. Sen. Hillary Clinton
3. Former Sen. John Edwards
4. Sen. Barack Obama
5. Gov. Tom Vilsack
6. Sen. Chris Dodd
7. Rep. Dennis Kucinich
8. Gov. Bill Richardson

Republicans Declared or Expected to Run for President in 2008:

1. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani
2. Gov. Mike Huckabee
3. Rep. Duncan Hunter
4. Sen. John McCain
5. Gov. George Pataki
6. Gov. Mitt Romney
7. Rep. Tom Tancredo
8. Sen. Chuck Hagel
9. Rep. Mike Pence

Then there are the nightmare wild card candidates: Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, Condo Rice. And once that pesky constitution gets amended (or — more likely by the time Bush leaves office — just plain trashed), Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only comparable wishful thinking maybe on the Democratic side is Al Gore.

So enough with the jokes about the sea of Democratic candidates. From where I sit, there are about a dozen too many Republicans on the way.

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