‘Titanic’ Director’s New Film Claims to Have Found Coffins of Jesus, His Wife and Son

At a news conference today, filmmakers will announce the release of a new documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” which claims to have found ossuaries belonging to Jesus, his wife, Mary Magdalene; their son, his mother and other family members:

Scientific analysis of limestone ossuaries (bone boxes) and physical evidence found in a 2,000-year- old tomb in Talpiot, Jerusalem, provide credible new information that the tomb once may have held the remains of Jesus of Nazareth and his family. [The documentary] from executive producer James Cameron [who won an Oscar for “Titanic”] and director Simcha Jacobovici, exclusively reveals what might be the greatest archaeological find in history.

The film presents the latest evidence from world-renowned experts in Aramaic script, ancient DNA analysis, forensics, archaeology and statistics. Among the major discoveries chronicled in the program is new evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene, also known as “Mariamene e Mara,” may have had a son named Judah.

This could be a major breakthrough in our understanding of the origins of Christianity, but what may prove to be even more interesting and instructive is seeing how the Christian establishment reacts to this revelation.

Over the past two millenia Christian belief has been structured to remain isolated and unaffected by scientific fact, so even if this new finding were to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, hardcore Christians would find a way to reconcile it with their faith-based view of the world — as they have done with intelligent design as an alternative to evolution theory and the pray-away-the-gay movement as an alternative to psychology (and, what the heck, human nature).

This is understandable because without the fantastical embellishments that were added a generation or two after Jesus’ life by the writers of the Gospels — that his mother was a virgin impregnated by God and, especially, that he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven — the church would lose its mystical sway over its followers.

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