Stand By for Change of Subject

ABC is reporting that Bush will speak at 1:25 p.m. EST, imploring Congress to implement his stupid, corn-fed, greenhouse gas belching, Big Ag buddies enriching, global warming worsening energy plan that no one paid any attention to during his State of the Union address because it does absolutely nothing to fix the problem.

But hey, maybe it will get people to focus less on his endless failings, his neocon attempts to overthrow our republic, and his incitement of the world’s animosity toward each and every one of us.

Or not.


  • Greg Bacon
    May 14, 2007 - 10:22 am | Permalink

    Or maybe the deranged psycho is hearing voices in his head again, telling him to “Smite Iran.”

    Between the voices in his head Bush hears and people like Pat “End of Times” Robertson and John Hattee yowling about the Armageddon, he’s going to announce
    WW III has started.

  • EvilPoet
    May 14, 2007 - 10:50 am | Permalink

    Vintage Commander Guy…

    [2001] Man with No Mandate

  • Greg Bacon
    May 14, 2007 - 11:41 am | Permalink

    Just heard the “Commander in Thief” speak about his NEW energy policy.

    Basically, what he said was that he was worried that his flunkies at the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA had to enforce the Clean Air Laws.
    So worried, that he was directing his stooges, lackies and suckups to find a way around the ruling.

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