Rudy’s New S.C. Chair Caused Controversy with Racist Statements

One week ago, Rudolph Giuliani’s finance chairman in South Carolina, Thomas Ravenel, had to step down because he was indicted by the feds who accuse him of distributing massive amounts of cocaine.

In 2000, Arthur Ravenel referred to the NAACP as the “National Association of Retarded People.” Then said he was being “lynched” because of the controversy.

Today, the Giuliani campaign announced that Ravenel’s father, Arthur, would serve as a state co-chair. They either did not vet the elder Ravenel’s reputation in South Carolina, or they simply did not care that he has a history of creating controversy by making racist statements, including this beaut from January 2000:

Republican state Sen. Arthur Ravenel told the crowd at a Statehouse rally that lawmakers should not cave into the pressure of outside influences when they return next week for a legislative session that is certain to take up the divisive issue.

Ravenel told the crowd that he was recently confronted with questions by an out-of-state reporter who asked: “Aren’t you people in South Carolina worried about what the people in the rest of the country think about you?” To which the crowd shouted back with a resounding “No.”

“Can you believe that there are those who think that the General Assembly of South Carolina is going to . . . knuckle under, roll over and do the bidding (of) that organization known as the National Association for Retarded People?” lawmaker Ravenel asked the cheering crowd.

Later, reacting to the controversy, Ravenel proved how truly tasteless he is. “I made a rhetorical slip,” he told a Charleston newspaper, “and they want to lynch me for it.”

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