American Family Association Spreading Hindu Hate

From the folks who brought you homophobia on a national scale comes this latest — Hinduphobia. Unrelenting wingnut Donald “Wildman” Wildmon has got his panties in a twist because a Hindu — you know, the folks with the dots on their forehead — is giving the opening invocation in the Senate tomorrow. So he is enlisting his legions of zombie-like followers in the American Family Association to pester their senators into putting the kibosh on the cow worshipper.

Rajan Zed, a Hindu chaplain from Reno, Nev., is scheduled to deliver the opening prayer in the U.S. Senate. According to Wildmon (which I could not confirm) Zed told the Las Vegas Sun that he will likely include in his prayer references to ancient Hindu scriptures, including Rig Veda, Upanishards [sic], and Bhagavard-Gita [sic]. Wildmon also alleges that unnamed historians say it will be the first Hindu prayer read at the Senate since it was formed in 1789.

So Wildmon trots out the president of — get this — Wallbuilders (as opposed to, say, Bridgebuilders) to justify opposing Zed’s prayer:

‘What is the message, and why is the message needed? And will it actually communicate anything other than engender with folks like me a lot of questions?’
- David Barton

WallBuilders president David Barton is questioning why the U.S. government is seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god. Barton points out that since Hindus worship multiple gods, the prayer will be completely outside the American paradigm, flying in the face of the American motto “One Nation Under God.”

“In Hindu, you have not one God, but many, many, many, many, many gods,” the Christian historian explains. “And certainly that was never in the minds of those who did the Constitution, did the Declaration [of Independence] when they talked about Creator — that’s not one that fits here because we don’t know which creator we’re talking about within the Hindu religion.”

Huh? OK, so Barton reasons (if we can call it that) that if ignorance of the Hindu religion is not enough, Zed’s prayer should be prevented because Hindus are such a tiny minority in America:

Barton says given the fact that Hindus are a tiny constituency of the American public, he questions the motivation of Senate leaders. “This is not a religion that has produced great things in the world,” he observes.

And while Barton acknowledges there is not constitutional problem with a Hindu prayer in the Senate, he wonders about the political side of it. “One definitely wonders about the pragmatic side of it,” he says. “What is the message, and why is the message needed? And will it actually communicate anything other than engender with folks like me a lot of questions?”

Besides Barton’s obvious inability to use English in a consistent, coherent manner, his message of ignorance and jingoism is a dangerous one. He seems to actually believe that the Constitution will be harmed and the Senate chambers will be permanently slimed by some kind of Hindu mojo, which encourages Wildmon’s attempt to gin up grass roots opposition to some foreign guy saying a prayer to anybody but Jesus.

Let’s just hope that the AFA’s foray into Hindu hatred fares as well as its ineffectual boycott of Ford Motor Co., and Rajan Zed gets to pray to Krishna in front of all those rich white people in the Senate.

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  1. Greg Bacon July 11, 2007 @ 11:09 am

    Onward, Christian Storm Troopers, marching as to war
    with the cross of Jesus, going on before.

    Onward, Christian Storm Troopers, goose-stepping off to war
    Using 2×4’s to beat up some Hindus, just like before

    Onward, Christian Storm Troopers, marching off to another war
    Forward into battle, killing like never before.

    Onward, Christian Storm Troopers, kicking others in the head
    The only good atheist, is one that’s dead.

  2. TMKent July 14, 2007 @ 6:46 pm

    “Barton says given the fact that Hindus are a tiny constituency of the American public, he questions the motivation of Senate leaders. “This is not a religion that has produced great things in the world,” he observes.”

    Never heard of Mahatma Ghandi, evidently. But this does not surprise me, coming from people who are continuously trying to rewrite history.

  3. Raj Singh July 17, 2007 @ 9:34 am

    Messers Wildmon and Barton should be reminded that of all the major religions Hindus have never gone to war to propogate their religion. It became a religion over several millenia as peoople started adopting it as a way of life based on the vedic scriptures that sages wrote out of their experience in establishing a community. Instead of hate there is a universal message of respect for self, your fellow man and the environment you live in. The “Shantipath” the universal prayer for peace has been read in the United Nations on several occasions. For a Hindu priest to give the invocation in the U.S Senate should be a matter of pride for this great country that espouses freedom of religion, not just for Christianity but for all religions.
    These hatemongers should also be reminded that parochialism is the bane of humanity. Whatever happened to the word LOVE that is so integral to the Christian religion? There cannot be LOVE unless there is RESPECT attached to it

  4. ex-hindu March 23, 2009 @ 4:40 am

    To Raj Singh,

    Hinduism spread to south east asia through war – Southern Hindu kings attacked Malay peninsula and south east asia etc.

    Hinduism is anything but pacifist, it has killed millions of low caste dalits or untouchables over its 5000 year history, slaughtered 5000 sikhs during 1984, 1 million muslims died during the partition of India in 1947, It forced women to go naked in southern states due to their low caste status, death was given to any of the low caste hindus that dared to touch a brahmin, it murdered St thomas the apostle in ad 74, it has commited genocide against kashmiris , it has killed atleast 300,000 + Christians of north eastern mongloian tribals in north east India (google nagaland genocide). It murdered and drove buddhists away from India and destroyed Buddhism which actually was pacifist.

    There is nothing “pacifist” about this in”tolerant” religion. It is thanks to the British that gave India the laws and juidial systems to make it a secular country, not the Hindus.

    Gandhi’s own hate against Christians is well known, he hated Christians and he spoke out against evangelization.

    Sometimes, Pacifism hides behind it a knife ready to stab at the right moment. Hinduism has killed more human beings than Islam or any other religion combined on earth has. It’s time these facts are known.

  5. Proud to be a Hindu September 6, 2009 @ 11:40 pm

    My dear ex – hindu
    Yes kings waged wars but not only hindu kings kings from every where from europe from middle east waged wars killed millions so that isnt exactly a point cause christians kings and muslim kings killled so many of their people.
    so please that is an illegimate point
    as far as killing low caste dalits is concerned, probably more uppercaste people were killed by dalits in history than that and btw the four varnas were given according to merit rather than birt ORIGINALLY remmeber that. killing sikhs yes binderwalla killed so many other he didint even care that he is in the most sacred place of sikh worship and was doing anti national things so he had to be put down because of this even the most secular IRON LADY was killed by SIKH bodyguard so obviously people would be enraged.
    and i dont think i want to explain anymore
    THE FACT IS U ARE A STUBBURN IDIOT WHO DOSENT even know what others have done hitler, napolean and MANY MANY more as far as gandhi is concerned he didnt hate christians he didint like them because they were so unlike christ

  6. JOJY ABRAHAM November 21, 2012 @ 8:05 pm

    My Dear Hindu,

    Hindu religion only few people are tolerant.
    Now all over India people are thinking only religion. Not like U.S.A. People are divided by caste, religion etc.,
    Hindu religion is not a tolerant religion.
    What is the instance. You people killed Missionary Graham
    Stain and his son in Orissa. In Orissa State RSS/Bajrangdal and Hindu extremist burned thousands of Christian homes and killed lot of people. In Gujarath thousands of muslims killed. Most of the Hindu/BJP extremist people are saying India is only for Hindus.

    Christians are only 2.5% in the Indian population. But most of the famous Hospitals and Educational institutions are running under the control of Christian Management. We are from India and we know the situation in India very well.
    Do not fool Americans. Of course very few of the Hindus are liberal, rest everybody is thinking against christians and Muslims.

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