John McCain’s Gay Sweater

John McCain’s campaign is broke — as any operation would be that burned through around $100,000 a day with no revenue coming in.

McCain reportedly believes his campaign is foundering because his handlers forced him to wear “gay sweaters” last spring. The real reason is his support for the Worst President Ever’s unpopular war, of course. On the other hand, the photo above seems to prove his point.


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  • nikolai
    July 14, 2007 - 2:50 pm | Permalink

    I’d say his campaign was hurt more by the fact that Mr and Mrs McCain look like Mr and Mrs Cryptkeeper!

  • July 15, 2007 - 12:02 am | Permalink

    time for the missus to get back on the vicodin

  • July 16, 2007 - 10:28 am | Permalink

    I think his ridiculous huggy bear business with Bush did him in. Now, I see that Radar Online suspects Romney is Gay. Hmmmm.

  • Jason Allen
    March 19, 2008 - 6:56 am | Permalink

    MCcAin IS GAY

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