Get Yer Green On — Daily

Although we are loathe to send you, gentle reader, away from Pensito Review, sometimes there’s stuff on the Internets out there that is worth sharing. Like The Daily Green, a daily e-mail newsletter from Hearst that has just started being distributed this week. It is what its name implies — a daily compendium of good stuff for the planet.

From earth-friendly veggie recipes (Trish and Jon will be happy) to biodegradable doggie poop pick-up bags (Spot, Bonnie and Pookey will be thrilled) to profiles of green people (Brad Pitt!!??) and tips on how you can change your lifestyle to be easier on Ma Earth (skip the bleach when washing clothes), The Daily Green is a good, practical resource. And it’s free, too.

In the same vein, check out Grist Magazine (environmental news and commentary) and its consistently entertaining advice column, Ask Umbra. Both are free, too.

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