Video: Michelle Obama on the Politics of Fear

(Michelle) Obama for President

Here is Michelle Obama introducing her husband, Sen. Barak Obama at a rally, discussing the reasons he is running for president and the poltiics of fear.

Rough transcript starts about 01:30:

MICHELLE OBAMA: The question came up again and again, what people were most concerned about — they were afraid. It was fear. Fear again raising its ugly head in one of the most important decisions we would ever make. Fear. Fear of everything.

Fear that we might lose. Fear that we might get hurt. Fear that this would be ugly. Fear that it would hurt our family. Fear.

But you know the reason I said yes — because I am tired of being afraid. (Applause.)

I am tired of living in a country where every decision we’ve made over the last 10 years wasn’t for something, but it was because people told us we had to fear something.

We had to fear people who look different from us. Fear people who believed things that were different from us. Fear of one another right here in our own backyards.

I am so tired of fear. And I don’t want my girls to live in a country and a world based on fear. That’s why — and we have to admit it — that’s why we are in this war. We are in this war because for eight years we were told to be afraid. And everybody followed suit. Everybody cut and run. Because it was very unpopular not to be afraid, to talk about hope and possibility.

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