O’Reilly Unhinged: ‘I‘m Going to Hunt You Down, And I Mean It … I‘m Coming for You’

Keith Olbermann believes the controversy over Bill O’Reilly’s racism-embued comments about Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem have pushed O’Reilly to the edge of sanity:

“I think he‘s on the verge of having a breakdown. I think he needs psychiatric help.”
— Marvin Kittman, O’Reilly biographer

O‘REILLY on his radio show: I‘m going to hunt you down, and I mean it. The smear stops here. You‘re all on notice out there. I‘m coming for you.

Is Olbermann serious? Hard to say:

OLBERMANN: [It‘s] time to consider another question, is Bill ill? Not to equate racism with mental defect, although the argument can be made, but last night Mr. O‘Reilly demonstrated some classic signs of paranoia and an inability to distinguish between the rest of the world and the contents of his own head.

As an example of paranoia, Olbermann cites O’Reilly’s new enemies list:

REILLY: Besides CNN, the worst offender in the case is the “New York Daily News,” the CBS Early Show, which actually described Media Matters as a watchdog group. How dishonest is that? The “Chicago Sun Times,” the “Philadelphia Inquirer,” ABCNews.com, and the “Louisville Journal” also completely distorted the story.

(O’Reilly’s enemies list used to be a lot more democratic. Back in 2005, we invited readers to write Bill and ask to be included on his list.)

Olbermman interviewed an expert on O’Reilly’s mental condition, Marvin Kittman, author of “The Man Who Wouldn’t Shut Up,” a bio of Billo:

KITTMAN: To use the technical word, [O’Reilly is] losing it. He seems more unhinged than usual. You can tell in his debates, for example, he has two people that are debating an issue, when we‘re lucky. But even when somebody is on his side, if they‘re slightly off, like one degree, he comes down on them and he‘s just about ready to implode, I can see looking at him.

Later, Kittman points to a contributing factor to O’Reilly’s coming breakdown:

And, you know, Keith … I do want to say that you are responsible for contributing to O‘Reilly‘s seeming to be unhinged. By your mentioning him all the time, you are making a star out of him. You know, he lives for media attention. It is spinach. He‘s like Popeye and he has to get involved with some network or some newspaper column or some book and you‘re doing it. I should point that out to you. You might not be aware of it.

Kittman’s bottom line:

I think he‘s on the verge of having a breakdown. I think he needs psychiatric help and, of course, he told me that he would never pay a psychiatrist money to listen to him. And I would suggest we have a telethon in his honor to raise money.

Earlier in the week, Olbermann floated the idea that Fox might fire O’Reilly just as MSNBC fired Don Imus over his racist comments. By Friday, Olbermann had backed off that prediction, however. If anything, the controversy has probably boosted O’Reilly’s ratings, and the tiny percentage of conservative blacks who watch Fox News probably aren’t complaining.


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  • makesenseofit
    September 29, 2007 - 8:34 pm | Permalink

    Than again I will not name my next child BILL …
    now I changed my name selection back to NEWT for my next child …
    second thought my child will never
    forgive me for that so I decided not to take the chance and forgo the idea of having another one….

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