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Be sure to check out Trish’s post about from last night. I happened upon a similarly interesting site this morning,, which slices and dices demographic information based on ZIP codes.

According to the results for my ZIP Code in West Hollywood, 55.9 percent of my neighbors are categorized “never married,” but I doubt this number counts folks like me who have California state-sanctioned domestic partnerships. Among my neighbors, a scant 24.2 percent are in dual-sex marriages.

Education-wise, we do pretty well considering the fact that movie industry types don’t always finish school: 94 percent have high school degrees and 53 percent have bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Median household income is $51k, which seems low when you consider that one-bedroom apartments rent for around $1,500 and two-bedroom homes sell for $1.5 million. Unemployment is 4.5 percent — have my doubts about this too since most everybody in the industry is self-employed and thus not considered in employment figures. The number of WeHoans living below poverty is 9.6 percent.

Our population density seems smaller than expected: 9600 people per square mile. One of the factoids that gets tossed about in these parts is that West Hollywood is the most densely populated town west of the Rockies — but this is probably an urban myth.

Another surprise: 47 percent of us have been here five years or longer. Would have thought it was more like 25 percent.

My ZIP is 82.7 percent white, 2.9 percent black and 7.3 percent latino. Multiracial is given at 2.5 percent.

The population is 59 percent male, which makes sense but the median age of the men is 39.6 years old, which means a lot of those twinks in Boys Town are lying about their ages. The median age of women is 40.6 years old.

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  • Lucy
    December 1, 2009 - 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Oh yes, I know, West Hollywood is so much more superior than the rest of the world.

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