Rumsfeld Said to Have Fled France to Avoid Torture Arrest

On Friday, while former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld was visiting France, human rights groups based there and in the United States filed complaints against him, charging him with approving torture:

Rumsfeld is accused of authorizing torture at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

The French complaint accuses Mr. Rumsfeld of authorizing torture at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and says it violated the Convention Against Torture, which came into force in 1987.

As part of their complaint, the groups submitted 11 pages of written testimony from Janis Karpinski, the highest-ranking officer to be punished in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. She was demoted to colonel from brigadier general and lost command of her military police unit. She contended that the abuses at the prison had started after the appearance of Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who was sent by Mr. Rumsfeld to assist military intelligence interrogators.

French prosecutors were said to have the power to pursue the case while Rumsfeld was in the country.

One source cites unconfirmed reports that Rumsfeld was abruptly whisked away from a breakfast meeting on Friday in order to avoid his arrest:

U.S. embassy officials whisked Rumsfeld away yesterday from a breakfast meeting in Paris organized by the Foreign Policy magazine after human rights groups filed a criminal complaint against the man who spearheaded President George W. Bush’s “war on terror” for six years.

Under international law, authorities in France are obliged to open an investigation when a complaint is made while the alleged torturer is on French soil.

The report said Rumsfeld fled to Germany because similar charges were dismissed against him there in the spring.The German court ruled that Rumsfeld’s criminality was an internal matter for the United States.


  • stephen bennett
    October 30, 2007 - 6:34 am | Permalink

    They all get away with it anyway don’t they. Pity they destroyed the evidence when they eliminated Saddam. Americans will never achieve democracy or human rights. Democracy is dead in the world. Human Rights are just the hobbies of the poor wretched masses of slaves and serfs, thanks to the likes of Rummy and Bush, Cheney,Rice, Powell, the White House, the House of Reps, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Governments of all the States. Tryants and fascists and greedy human beings are the rule. Homo rapiens is doomed to extinction sooner than we think.

  • Greg Bacon
    October 30, 2007 - 6:43 am | Permalink

    Looks like the French put the real “evil-doers” on the run.

    Think i’ll eat some FRENCH FRIES to celebrate.

  • nick
    October 30, 2007 - 7:09 am | Permalink

    Maybe they will pull him out of a hole one day like they did Saddam. And when they hang him, maybe they will chant, “mooktada, mooktada”. LOL.

  • October 30, 2007 - 10:05 am | Permalink

    It’s about time Americans see their leaders should be in jail!

    If the French are awake, and know the truth! Why are these criminals still running our country?
    Why does Congress and Senate act stupid and just sit around scratching their bald old heads? When will their be action against these illegal actions?
    Is the whole senate and Congress in on the Bush Mofia?
    America is in real trouble and everyone who can do something doesn’t have the balls to do something!
    To bad all the americans with balls to fight are across the globe.
    Impeach Bush, Imprision the traitors!

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  • What a bunch of LIBERAL PUSSIES
    November 9, 2007 - 6:17 pm | Permalink

    I read the article then came upon all the anti-American posts. What a bunch of anti-American cowards. Why don’t you pussies leave the United States of America?

    If you think Chavez’s socialism is so great then why don’t you go there. Or how about China, I’m sure you will all get along.

  • Annie
    November 21, 2007 - 2:39 am | Permalink

    Didn’t Bush have his Crawford ranch officially/legally designated a sanctuary ?

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