The Hot Item at the Texas Republican Convention

The amazing part isn’t that the recent Texas Republican Convention featured a vendor selling a pin that said, “If Obama is President…will we still call it The White House?” No, the amazing thing is that someone had to explain to them why this wasn’t a good idea.

“It’s just been crazy,” said Jonathan Alcox, who runs and had buttons and other items for sale at the GOP gathering. “The point is we made a mistake. I realize that now. And I apologize.”

Well alrighty then. As long as he didn’t mean any harm, what’s the problem?

In a telephone interview from Florida, Mr. Alcox acknowledged the controversy but said it was unintentional…

Mr. Alcox said he made 12 of the pins after seeing a comic strip where Barack Obama was standing in front of a sign saying “The White House,” with the building behind him. Mr. Obama is depicted thinking, “That’s the first thing we’ll change.”

“We just changed it around a little bit and everyone went crazy. I was shocked,” Mr. Alcox said.

He said after having a conversation with a black man who called him about the blog post, he came to understand more about the nerve he had hit.

I’m glad Alcox was able to find an actual black person who could explain to him what the possible problem might be. Big “Oh-ey” there, Jonathan.

The Dallas Morning News, which broke the story and whose reporter bought the pin so the world would know, also has a blog. One commenter said, “If I were a republican I would be ashamed. As it is I am merely disgusted.”

H/T to my friend Ray

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