CNN Poll: Race Could Be a Factor — You Think?

cnn.jpgFrom the Bleedin’ Obvious File comes this nugget of hard-won truth from CNN: a recent poll “suggests” that race could be a “factor” in the presidential election. Well, duh. It wouldn’t, of course, be a factor if one of the candidates wasn’t BLACK.

Here’s the blather:

A new study that surveyed racial attitudes suggests that racial prejudices could tip the balance in the upcoming presidential election.

If there were no racial prejudice among voters, Sen. Barack Obama would receive about 6 percentage points more support, according to an AP-Yahoo News poll, designed in partnership with Stanford University.

The results suggest that 40 percent of white Americans hold at least a partly negative view toward blacks, including more than a third of white Democrats and independents. A small percentage of voters — 2.5 percent of those surveyed — said they may turn away from Obama because of his race.

I don’t know what the bright lights at CNN are thinking. Oh, I know, they’re racists! Check out this next bit:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey also indicates that race could play a big role in November. Asked if race would be a factor in their vote, 37 percent of respondents said yes. But of that group, many are Republicans who are not likely to vote for any Democrat, and some are Democrats who may vote for Obama because of his race.

OK, now the respondents are asked if race “would be a factor” in their vote. But some of the 37 percent — we don’t know how many — who said yes are actually racist Republicans who wouldn’t vote for Obama if he were Alan Keyes, right? And what about the racist Democrats who, CNN suggests, would vote for Obama because he’s black, even if he were a Nazi? Decoding, decoding, decoding ….

Of the 8 percent of Democrats who told CNN they plan to vote for Obama’s GOP rival, Sen. John McCain, half said race was a factor.

I suppose the other 4 percent are Hillaryites who would vote for Obama if he were a black woman. CNN carries on:

Experts point out that it’s hard to quantify racial prejudice because many people who hold prejudices are not going to admit to it.

“The hardest thing in the world for pollsters to poll for, with the exception of sexual behavior, is racial attitudes and how it affects behavior,” said Walter Shapiro, Washington bureau chief for Shapiro said while people might say things differently off the record, racial issues cannot easily be quantified.

Easy: That’s because racists are liars. They know that being a racist is wrong, and they have a deep-rooted shame over their feelings of racial hatred toward blacks, so, in order to protect their reputation, they lie on an anonymous survey to cover up their racism. Makes sense to me.

The pollsters for the AP/Yahoo survey used techniques that they thought would be more likely to lead to honest results — such as conducting the poll online and using subtle methods and formulas to calculate racial attitudes.

I think this is how a subtle question from the survey — formulated to get at those deep-seated racial hatreds — might have read:

I will not vote for Barack Obama for president because:
a) He’s black
b) He’s a Muslim
c) He’s a Democrat
d) He’s a liberal
e) All of the above

If you answered E, it means that “race is a factor.”

That study also suggests that the number of people who may turn away from Obama because of his race could be larger than what the margin of victory was in the 2004 election.

What are we supposed to do with that chestnut? The bigots at CNN just want to sew the seeds of discord, obviously. I mean, they don’t even tell us what that margin of victory was, so it implies that it was HUGE. It was 2.4 percent.


  • GarryInNola
    September 23, 2008 - 12:18 pm | Permalink

    This is no surprise to me. After all, most white Southerners who consistently vote Republican do so because they are inherently racists. Of course they come in different shades of racist. Some are “in your face” racists who don’t hesitate to use the “n word” and the others who are much more diplomatic about it. But it all adds up to a Republican strategy that dates back to the 1960s when Barry Goldwater ran for president. Far behind in the polls he decided to visit the South and attack the Civil Rights bill. It’s a shame that “The Party Of Lincoln” has come to this.

  • September 23, 2008 - 12:21 pm | Permalink

    Here’s a better question to root out racism:

    I will not vote for Barack Obama for president because:
    a) He’s arrogant
    b) He’s elitist
    c) The rest of the country is just not ready for a black president
    d) What’s he ever done anyway?
    e) I’m a stupid racist

  • September 23, 2008 - 1:39 pm | Permalink

    Here’s another question:

    I will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin because:
    a) John McCain is white
    b) Sarah Palin is white
    c)John McCain is a white maverick
    d) Sarah Palin is a white evangelical
    e) All of the above

  • October 13, 2008 - 8:56 am | Permalink

    Kristy Love Brooks has written and sing a perfect song…the American people should really take note of and listen to the words!

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