Powell Blasts McCain/Palin Team’s Divisive Tactics

Thank you, Colin Powell. I especially applaud his return to reality about taxes. Sen. Joe Biden never said it was patriotic to pay “higher” taxes, by the way. He said it was patriotic to pay your taxes. One look at Joe the Plumber, who is a tax deadbeat to the tune of $1,200 in arrears, will confirm that thought.


  • Bullwinkle J. Moose
    October 19, 2008 - 4:34 pm | Permalink

    …unfortunately or fortunately the world will never forget how you lied to us … colin ya just wanna be on the just side of history before it’s all over.

    Colin you have already sold you soul it’s too late . . .

    “It’s to late to to fall in love with Sharon Tate”

  • October 19, 2008 - 6:13 pm | Permalink

    You’re right, BJM. He’ll never rehabilitate himself completely — presenting false evidence to the UN, knowingly or not, was a serious, irrevocable lapse in judgment, and I’ll never forget his full-throated opposition to allowing gay people to serve in the military — but his statement on MTP was welcome, especially the part about Palin not being fit to serve.

  • Bullwinkle J. Moose
    October 19, 2008 - 6:53 pm | Permalink

    JP~ I’ll cut him a little slack. But … I’m also reminded of the cronyism of his son michael’s appointment to director of the fcc where he aided it’s deregulation.
    During that time I’m estimating there were periods of Two percent or less progressive talk on the radio.

  • October 19, 2008 - 7:22 pm | Permalink

    Yes Bullwinkle, the fact that Powell takes an action and then, no matter whether it was right or wrong, disavows it to some extent later, is why I said in another post that his regret for endorsing Obama and thereby hurting McCain’s feelings is his wont. I know from listening to his autobiography (read by the author), My American Journey, that he regretted pulling out of Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. And from later news reports, I know he regretted whoring himself in the U.N. for W. Now he can’t even do the right thing and endorse Obama without expressing his regret to McCain. I’m pretty conflicted in many ways, but I am so together compared to Colin Powell.

  • October 19, 2008 - 7:24 pm | Permalink

    You’re right, B. Michael is a tool. He contributed mightily to ruination of the broadcasting industry, esp. radio.

  • Bullwinkle J. Moose
    October 20, 2008 - 9:42 am | Permalink

    Jon ~ Who is Pensito ?

  • October 20, 2008 - 1:44 pm | Permalink

    It’s Latin for “to think.”

  • Bullwinkle J. Moose
    October 20, 2008 - 5:39 pm | Permalink

    Clever . . .

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