Palin Drops the Ditzy Act at Governor’s Conference

O.K., lord knows I don’t want to make anyone have to watch more Sarah Palin than they already have. BUT. Take a look at about a minute or so of Palin’s address at the Republican Governor’s Conference:

Whoa! She forms complete sentences. She drops that faux-Fargo-Frances McDormand accent. She even tosses out the word, “plenary” as if she’d used it before.

Now let’s review her performance here, when she mistook fans for protesters at one of her recent campaign stops.

Which is the real Sarah Palin? I suspect it’s the one we saw at the Governor’s Conference. I never thought Palin was as dumb as she would have the people she hopes are even dumber believe. Be warned.


  • November 15, 2008 - 10:44 am | Permalink

    Her sentences may be complete, but they are still assembled like tinker toys or, worse, a Chinese menu: one phrase from column ‘A’, one from column ‘B’. I’ve come to the conclusion that that is how ‘goppers’ think. It’s PRE-FAB think. A trained chimp can do it.

  • rage
    November 16, 2008 - 11:26 am | Permalink

    Say whatever you will, but this chick is little more than a well trained shill for the highest corporate bidders. She’s the private dancer of politics. Whoever pays the dime to add his trot with her onto her dance card gets to pick the tune and the dance she will gladly do to please.

    Grampy McCain cashed in on her loopiness and pop celecbrity. Schmitt and Rove cashed in on her Jesus campiness and xenophobia. Now, the GOP govs are cashing in on her to unify the Party behind stats from current popularity polls in the hope of winning back the White House in 2012. Here again, she’s rehearsed very well the lines she needs to regurgitate to please her owners and handlers. Yet, nothing she says has much meaning to even her, as is pretty obvious in the absence of all passion and commitment to goals and objectives proposed when questioned by her peers.

    I have to agree with Existentialist Cowboy. A trained chimp is able to carry that same pail of GOP water. Best of all, a trained chimp likely would not require the expense of a $150K wardrobe and a style guru to pull off this charade.

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