The 2009 Calendar to Own: 13 Months of Sarah Palin

Just in time for 2009: the Sarah Palin appropriately numbered 13-month calendar, featuring Alaska’s governor and her family on every page. Think about it — you can spend every single day of 2009 discovering a different aspect of Sarah’s life, spotlighted in each of the 50 photos.

Palin pal “professional photographer Judy Patrick, a long time resident of Wasilla, Alaska” took the shots. Isn’t it amazing how many talented people spring from Wasilla? By now, each of the nearly 8,000 residents must have exceeded his or her 15 minutes of fame.

Those who bought the calendar on Amazon are thrilled. Many comments sound like they were written by Sarah herself.

“The calendar includes pictures of the entire family, and I think even some from that big snowmobile race Todd Palin does every year! I’m so excited about it, I’m buying more to send to family and friends! What a great gift! And what a great woman that Sarah Palin is!”

“This calendar is more spectacular that I could have imagined. The photos are beautiful and outside the political realm. It shows Sarah and her family enjoying the great outdoors. What a beautiful family those Palins! I highly recommend this calendar to anyone who loves Sarah. To those non-supporters, you would enjoy the calendar for its picturesque shots of the great outdoors.”

Doubt it. Here’s my favorite comment, a nonsensical rant that ends on a high note. A complete non sequitur, but a high note all the same.

“To those big libs who is fortunate to have the calendar , hold on to it , Remember her Kawasaki eyeglass ? You will be lucky if you can buy it for a thousand . I can’t understand why big lib goes apoplyctic and berserk with Sarah Palin . You need to examine your heads…You critisized everything she does including clothes… I have no problem sending campaign money for her dress allowance and she should be allowed to keep it too. Sarah Palin is our star and beautiful and the lib can’t stand it…In reality , she is a woman of modest means and if she can improve her situation then more power to her…I say to all libs- MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. let’s live in peaceful co-existence.”

Of course, not all those who considered the purchase were fans.

“Can this calendar be used for toilet paper, because I just ran out of my John McCain election mailings??? ”

“Who on earth buys this? Did any of you hear the Katie Couric interviews? This person is severely mentally challenged. There may be conservative heroes out there worthy of admiration, but folks, Caribou Barbie ain’t it.”

Oh well. For the non-admirers, there’s always the Barack Obama 2009 calendar. Showing a full 16 months, it’s a much better buy.

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