Just What We Need, Another Conservative Rant Site


I received an e-mail today from something called the Conservative Society for Action. There’s no telling how I came to be on the mailing list, but really, do we need another conservative screed Web site? Especially one that makes Richard Viguerie sound like a level-headed intellectual?

The site has a conservative hall of fame containing, no joke, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Howard Taft, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. See where they are going with this?

The editorial is pretty predictable. You know, the usual hints at creeping socialism, the failure of the press to be fair, i.e., report the hyper-conservative viewpoint and the typical near-hysterical tone.

But the site, which is run by a Stephen Flanagan out of Brightwaters, NY, does attempt to be a little snarky. You tell me if it works:

We are not kidding. This is REAL!

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to charge a “fee” for flatulence-producing cows and hogs. Farms or ranches with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would pay a yearly fee of about $175 for each dairy cow, $87.50 per head for beef cattle and $20 for each hog.

Where do you think this rule came from? This is part of of the environmental Marxist movement taking control of Washington. Imagine how proud these nuts are to finally get the Fart Tax passed.

This is pure extremism — the kind of extremism that I bet you never thought you’d see in America! But here it is — the Fart Tax!

BTW … YOU will be the one paying for this with an increase the cost of hamburgers! Imagine that! Capital Hill isn’t even afraid to attack the all-American hamburger!

WANTED: Inventor who can create an EZ-Pass device that will strap to a cow’s butt to charge by the fart. We will patent this devise as “EZ-Pass-Gas”. The market will be huge once the Environmental Marxists realize that people fart too! There’s six billon <sic> people out there!!!

Whew! Pretty funny, eh? I’ve sent Monsieur Flanagan a note suggesting that the CSA (rhymes with Confederate States of America!!) add a link to Pensito Review to foster dialog and understanding. Now that’s funny.


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    Thanks for taking a look at the Conservative Society for Action website. I guess you could say we are “ranting”, but that’s how Liberals have taken control of America. Liberal “ranting” over the last 40 years has created the current atmosphere of “political correctness” that has stifled sincere debate on many issues (just try and suggest that Man is NOT responsible for “global warming”).

    Most Americans believe that we can do better as a country. We feel the best way to do that is for government to get out of the way.

    The sub-prime mortgage meltdown never would have happened if not for INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT interference in the marketplace. The Founding Fathers designed a government in America to guarantee “equal opportunity” for all Americans. Government was NOT designed to FORCE businesses to support government social programs (such as CRA) or to use tax policy to CONTROL the behavior of its citizens.

    Strong central control of ANY country is NOT good for its citizens. Washington has become far too powerful. Until our citizens start to push back, this control will only tighten. No one in their right mind can possibly believe that Washington has all the answers (I can’t wait to see Washington’s version of the “People’s Car”).

    Again, thanks for stopping in. We WILL add your website to our links page. Funny? Maybe. But we think ALL Americans (even your readers) should demand that government be “accountable” for it’s failures.

    Happy New Year!
    Stephen Flanagan

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    “political correctness” that has stifled sincere debate on many issues (just try and suggest that Man is NOT responsible for global warming).

    It’s not “political correctness,” asshole. It’s called “not drinking the f*cking Kool-Aid.”
    You Wingnuts are always babbling on about how “man isn’t responsible for global warming.”
    But why do you believe this? Because Rush says so?
    I’m sorry, but I’m going to need more than that, if you’re going to try to change my mind on this subject.
    In the meantime, I’ll trust the word of the thousands of scientists worldwide whose PEER-REVIEWED work has documented the global warming crisis.
    Oh, and BTW, not one single peer-reviewed paper has ever disputed that global warming is real and caused by man.
    If you want to believe the babblings of the OxyMoron, go ahead. But your nutty extremist cult base is dwindling.

  • John Garon
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    I just finished re-reading “Fascism Anyone?” by Laurence Britt in which he cites 14 traits that define “Fascism”.

    In his short letter, Mr. Flanagan manages to exhibit 4 of those traits, and his web site definitely rounds out 9 of the remaining 10.

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    What made me giggle — okay snicker — was the idea that conservatives advocate accountability. For conservatives, accountability is only for liberals. For example, they held Clinton accountable by impeaching him for lying in a civil suit deposition about an extramarital affair but have persistently pretended not to notice that Bush and Cheney have spilled the blood of thousands of US troops and innocent Iraqis, tortured prisoners in all our names, ripped the Constitution to shreds and looted the treasury of billions of dollars. But NOW they want to hold the government accountable.

    Give me a break.

  • Hayden
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    Why do liberals use ridicule and sarcasm in lieu of normal discussion. Then you disintegrate into cursing and name calling.

    The only fascism I worry about is in the administration.

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    Hayden, we ridicule and use sarcasm because there are only two kinds of right-wing debaters: Those who know they’re lying and so are using the “debate” with us merely as a means to spread their propaganda to the other group of right wingers — those who are too feeble-minded to know the “thought leaders” on their own side are lying to them.

    And I have to point out that in referring to the Obama administration as “fascists,” it only took you 22 words before you “disintegrated” into “name calling.”

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    Hey guys and gals! It has been a while since we talked I hope you are all coping well. I’m sure you are all brimming with confidence now that Mr Obama has decided get tough and come out swing in 2010. As the co-founder of The Conservative Society for Action I welcome the challenge. If you can pull yourselves away from your left wing driven socialist love fest check out our new and improved website. I think we got a pretty good RANT going. To all you global warmers bundle up! I wouldn’t want you to get sick it’s downright cold out there. BRRRR!!! Put on your woollies and pass the Kool-Aide.


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      Did you go away? All we’ve seen of the conservative movement in the post-Bush era is the same goosestepping in lockstep it did during the eight years of his failed presidency.

      I will give you this: Even out of power you’ve been remarkably successful in continuing to uproot the American republic in order to replace it with the fascist corporate oligarchy conservatives yearn for. Rebranding the Senate’s health insurance “reform” plan that would force 30 million people to buy coverage from the fatcat insurance corporations as “socialism” proves that right wingers are still as good at propaganda as they are inept at governing.

      But we’re hardly quaking in our boots. The Republicans’ first proposal to fix the budget crisis they created is to kill Social Security and Medicare.

      Same as it ever was.

      Speaking of oligarchies that right wingers yearn for, the “CSA,” for “Confederate States of America,” in your URL speaks volumes. Presumably dixiecrat.org was taken?

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