Gay Bishop Who Almost Imploded Anglical Church to Pray for Obama

In yet another gesture to the gay and lesbian community, Pres.-Elect Obama has invited Bishop Gene Robinson (any relation to Michelle Robinson Obama?) to deliver a prayer in the lead-up to the Obama inauguration.

New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, at the center of the Anglican church’s global battle over homosexuality, will speak on Sunday on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial…

Robinson has called the choice of Warren a slap in the face. But he said on Monday he did not believe Obama invited him in response to the Warren criticism but his prayer would help ease concerns among gay and lesbians.

He said he believed the invitation, which came about two weeks ago, was made because he endorsed Obama in May last year. The two also met during the presidential primary.

I’m sure the invitation was at least in part because of the reaction to Rick Warren but I also don’t think that’s a bad thing. Obama was never going to un-invite Warren but he’s willing to show he’s learning. Learning is good.

Robinson said he advised Obama several times during his presidential campaign.

“I was very early on taken with his anti-polarization message,” he said. “So part of the invitation came out of the albeit brief relationship that we have had.”

The 77 million-member Anglican Communion, a global federation of national churches, has been in upheaval since 2003 when the Episcopal Church consecrated Robinson as the first bishop known to be in an openly homosexual relationship in more than four centuries of church history…

Joe Solmonese, president of gay rights advocates the Human Rights Campaign, called Robinson’s selection “encouraging.”

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  • Proud Episcopalian
    January 13, 2009 - 10:07 am | Permalink

    Yay, what a wonderful man Bishop Robinson is! Maybe a larger audience will begin to see the inspired differences between a true man of God and the pastor from Saddleback………….

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