At Last: An Openly Gay Obama Appointee

John Berry

People can’t say enough nice things about Obama’s likely pick for director of the Office of Personal Management (OPM), John Berry. In addition to being the highest-level openly gay member of the Obama team, Berry really knows what he’s talking about when he says, “This place is a zoo.

John Berry, the current director of the National Zoo, has accepted an offer to serve as director of the Office of Personnel Management…

While he’s directed 240 employees and more than 2,000 animals since 2005, Berry is no stranger to Washington or the Federal bureaucracy. He previously served as executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, assistant secretary for policy, management and budget at the Interior Department, as the Smithsonian’s director of government relations and senior policy advisor, as legislative director for Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and as an associate staffer on the House Appropriations Committee.

FedBlog (who knew?) has more kind words.

From Colleen Kelley, the NTEU president’s, statement:

“The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) welcomes the apparent intention of President-Elect Obama to nominate John Berry, an experienced and respected public servant, to be the new director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). NTEU worked extensively with Mr. Berry during his service as legislative director for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). In that capacity, he earned the trust of agency management and unions alike, proving to be fair and determined in his pursuit of good government. He was involved in a number of legislative initiatives concerning federal employees, including the creation of the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA).

In addition, Mr. Berry is widely regarded as having performed capably as Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget in the Department of the Interior during the late 1990s. Through that position and several others, including his current role as Director of the National Zoo, he has significant management experience and knows what it takes to run a federal agency. John Berry will help return respect to the federal workforce and help attract the best and the brightest to public service. I look forward to his confirmation by the Senate.”

Damn. Zoo jokes aside, this guy sounds good.

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  • Richard Johnsen
    January 16, 2009 - 10:49 am | Permalink

    They got the market cornered oh Hypocricy, as well, it seems…I just read this ditty….

    “Former head of faith-based initiatives in Ohio faces prostitution-related charges.”

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