Celebrating the Dawning of the Era of 44

The St. Aug Inaug

We were feeling it in St. Augustine this morning. The bells in the churches on the Plaza rang and the crowd that was gathered to share the moments together (via big screen T.V.) couldn’t stop cheering. The loudest outburst followed the announcement that, according to the Constitution, Obama became the president at noon, whether he had taken the oath of office or not. After that, the best moment had to be when Obama said, “we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals” and the camera cut to Bush, looking as pouty-faced as any three-year-old.

My friend Renee, an early Hillary supporter and atheist Jew, might have summed it up best. It’s as if, she said, someone knew exactly who our country needed now and sent him to us. Amen.

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