Why the Republicans Better Support Obama’s Stimulus Package

Remember how everybody likes to describe the Democratic Party as behaving like a circular firing squad? Well House Republicans appear to be taking careful aim at both feet by threatening to oppose President Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package. The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder makes a pretty compelling case for why the GOPers should wise up and lay off:

Over a 48 hour period when 100,000 job layoffs have been announced, Hill Republicans have decided to take a stand against the stimulus.

Now — President Obama’s approval rating is about 70 percent;

Congressional approval is still around 20 percent;

After the election, Democrats still have a 9 point lead in generic identification.

The public approves of the stimulus plan by a very large margin — the numbers vary with the wording of the poll question, but it’s at least a plus 40 percent.

Obama is the most talented political figure of our generation — Boehner and McConnell are, uh, less talented.

Obama’s got the megaphone, they’ve got …

Squat, frankly. Ambinder makes the further point that the GOP continues to call for tax breaks instead of spending increases. Of course their tax breaks are not aimed at those of modest means, but at the wealthy. If they continue to cleave to tried-and-failed Bush-onomics, they will get steamrolled by the people-backed Obama-nomics. And pity the fools (or not) when the mid-terms roll around in 2010.


  • Zwicky
    January 28, 2009 - 6:01 pm | Permalink

    The stimulus will do nothing but delay what needs to be done. A recession is the economy’s way of cleansing itself of all the bad businesses whose products or services are no longer relevant. ” Bailing them out” doesn’t solve the main problem, their product sucks. The first ” stimulus” didn’t work and this one won’t either. The answer is to lower taxes (more than the stimulus bill will lower them) and provide grants for small businesses that will replace the broke ones.

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