It’s Like Katrina Except with White People

All I’m saying is it’s hard not to notice parallels with Katrina when you hear about flooding, evacuations, and levee breaks. But there are several key differences with the Fargo flood.

For one, the area is about 93 percent white, which could affect how some respond to the victims. For another, a competent president is in the White House this time and is on top of the situation. From FEMA:

Republican North Dakota Gov. Hoeven has been under fire by his own party for refusing to join grandstanders like Bobby Jindall who made a show of declining Pres. Obama’s stimulus assistance.

On Tuesday, President Obama declared a major disaster declaration for North Dakota. The President’s action made federal funding available to state and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations to help in flood fighting efforts.

Prior to the disaster declaration, North Dakota’s State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) was operating around the clock with support from FEMA’s Region VIII (Denver) Emergency Response Team (ERT), the national Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT-West), the National Guard, the American Red Cross, and other federal partners including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

“This is a true state, local, and federal effort, with volunteers and private citizens all doing their part,” said Governor John Hoeven. “We truly appreciate everyone’s hard work as well as their cooperation and commitment which is necessary to save lives and property.”

Hoeven, a Republican, has been under fire by his own party since he released his 2009 – 2011 budget. It was larger than its predecessors and including funding for such items as infrastructure improvements. He also refused to join grandstanders like Bobby Jindal who made a show of declining Pres. Obama’s stimulus assistance.

We will keep the residents of North Dakota and neighboring Minnesota in our thoughts this weekend. The waters are currently above predicted levels, which at 41 feet were higher than ever recorded, and expected to rise, possibly to 43 feet, and stay well above normal all week. This is truly a devastating event for the people in that area. The Red Cross is accepting donations and has an online database (and 1-800-REDCROSS hotline for those without computer access) to record their whereabouts and status so loved ones can locate them. Hang tough, North Dakota!

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