Bidding Starts for Nude Video Session with Levi Johnston

On Monday, we noted that Levi Johnston, the grandbaby-daddy of Facebook blogger Sarah Palin, told an interviewer that he would be open to posing nude but “it depends on the money, man … It’s gotta be right for that.”

Well, the first publicly announced offer is in, and, while it sounds intriguing, it’s probably an on-camera sex act too far for Levi. And even if not, his advisers will likely suggest he reject it or at least encourage the bidders to sharpen their pencil quite a bit.

The offer comes from Bait & Tackle, a wryly named gay porn company in Las Vegas that produces the website They have taken the peremptory step of launching a new site called (SFW), where they posted their offer to Johnston in an open letter:


Having seen your recent interview where you said you’d consider posing nude for the right amount of money, would like to offer you $25,000 to participate in a solo [sex act] video.

Given your well known heterosexuality, you likely don’t know and its hundreds of naked straight men, but we’ve been around for eight years. If you’ve been to Las Vegas lately, perhaps you’ve seen one of the 18 billboards Bait & Tackle®, our parent company, has around town seeking models for a $500 audition.

We’re prepared to offer you 50 times the regular amount for a couple hours of your time.

We would obviously pay, too, for your first class flight, hotel accommodations on the Strip, and limo.

Please contact us … to discuss things further.

Hope to hear from you soon and best of luck in your endeavors,

Justin Clouse

Bait & Tackle

The Vegas Bait & Tackle company is apparently not connected with Master Bait & Tackle, in Bonita Beach, Fla., where, according to Pensito Review investigative reporter Buck Banks, they sell actual bait and tackle for catching actual fish.

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