Poll: 50% Agree 2000s Worst Decade in 50 Years

Face it — the “Aughts” as this first decade of the 21st century is being called, sucked. At least a majority of Americans (50 percent) think so, as opposed to a 27 percent minority who have positive thoughts about the decade. This is according to a Pew survey that assesses how we as a nation feel about this decade versus, say, the ’70s or even the ’90s.

Actually, we think pretty fondly of the 1980s (56 percent positive) and the 1990s (57 percent positive). But the ’60s (34 percent positive) and the ’70s (40 percent positive) fared poorly.

When asked what the most important event of the decade was, 53 percent cited the 9/11 attacks, while 16 percent said Barack Obama’s election and 12 percent said the financial meltdown of 2008. Only 5 percent said the Iraq War and only 3 percent cited Hurricane Katrina.

Looking ahead, 59 percent of us think the 2010s will be better for the United States, while 32 percent expect them to be worse. Of course, the only honest answer was from the 5 percent who said they don’t know what the next decade holds in store for us.

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