Exposed! Photos Show Palin To Be a Serial Teleprompter User


The moment during last weekend’s Tea Klux Klan conclave in Nashville when, on live television, Sarah Palin stole a glance at crib notes on her palm of her own talking points has become a classic — right up there with George Bush I’s impatient check of his watch during his 1992 presidential debate with Ross Perot and Bill Clinton.

What makes Palin’s gaffe so savory, of course, is the fact that in her speech to the bagger assembly just minutes before, she’d tossed this bit of red meat to her followers:

“This is about the people … and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.”

It is unclear whether she read this dig at Pres. Obama from a printout of the speech on the podium or off of a teleprompter on the stage. It may well have been the latter. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, Palin’s running dogs at Fox, routinely read similarly specious claims about Obama’s teleprompter abuse from their own teleprompters on the sets of their shows.

What Palin’s self-inflicted one-two punch in Nashville underscores is that, despite the fact that she can’t remember her own talking points — she’d written, “Energy, Budget cuts (with “budget” crossed out), Tax, Lift American Spirits” on her hand — she has convinced her half-witted followers that frequent use of teleprompters is unique to Obama, and so, by extension, she — the failed sportscaster — and other Republican pols never use them.

The irony is that the tea baggers’ own erstwhile Dear Leader, George W. Bush, was barely articulate and really did require a teleprompter — or speeches in ring binder or listening devices concealed in the back of his jackets — for even the most routine announcements. Even their St. Ronnie — especially Reagan — the failed teevee pitchman, was a master at it.

Just one week before the tea-bagger ball, non-Fox viewers, that is, the majority of news watchers, had witnessed the president’s dialogue with House Republicans in Baltimore, when he spoke for 90 minutes without a teleprompter in the room. (Fox famously cut away from the live coverage when it became clear that Obama was cleaning the clocks of the hapless Gops.)

A quick scan of the Google produced photos from 20 separate occasions (calibrated by changes in wardrobe and hairstyle) during the campaign — plus the speech when she quit her job as a governor of Alaska — when Palin was caught in flagrante delicto using the illicit prompting devices.

We have posted the gallery of photos of Palin and her teleprompters on Facebook, which you can see by clicking here.

(Be sure to click through to the end to see bonus photos of other top Republicans caught red-handed engaging in their own teleprompter fetishes.)


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    illicit prompting devices?

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    Bravo! Thank you!

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    Outstanding collection! Can you get this to the AP?

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