Obama’s Approval 6 Points Higher Than Reagan or Clinton Three Weeks Out from First Mid-terms


According to Gallup, Pres. Obama’s approval rating is now positive 48 percent to 46 percent. That’s a reversal from Sept. 8-9, when his approval/disapproval was 44/48, and a slight uptick from Sept. 16-17, when it was 47/46.

And you wouldn’t know it from listening to the vitriol coming from the corporate media and the GOP’s tea bagger base, but Pres. Obama is polling six percentage points ahead of presidents Reagan or Clinton three weeks out from their first mid-term elections:

In a survey of approximately 1,500 adults nation-wide, Gallup said on Oct. 6 that Obama’s approval rating was 48 percent. By comparison, Bill Clinton, the previous Democrat to reside in the White House, had a 42 percent approval rating at the same time in his presidency.

Republican icon Ronald Reagan, similarly, had an approval rating hovering around 42 percent at this time in his presidency, thanks to the country’s languishing economy which was largely credited for a Republican loss of 28 House seats in 1982.

President Obama faces an even deeper economic hole than Regan, with an official unemployment rate hovering around 9.6 percent, even as economists have largely credited the administration for stabilizing the hemorrhaging job markets at the end of George W. Bush’s terms.


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    Imagine if the media actually put Obama’s approval ratings in this context on a daily basis?

    Obama is doing a good job in very very VERY tough circumstances. And the reason the circumstances are so tough? The HUGE mess left by the absolute failure that was George W. Bush and the obstruction of the Republican Party that puts politics above doing what’s right every single time.

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    The only reason why Obama has a better approval rating is because the voters realize the Democrats don’t suck as much as Republicans.

    But the economy sucks because of Dubya/dick AND Obama. He has proven himself to be Dubya Light. Oh, the irony of a black president!

    Obama bailed out Wall Street, but not Main Street.
    Obama bailed out health insurance companies by trading away Single Payer very early on, and then kept it a secret.
    Obama continues on with two budget busting wars OF terror.
    Obama has made himself an even more dangerous Unitary Executive by ordering the execution of US citizens.

    But this is not surprising, Obama has a voting record in the Senate that proves his support for unconstitutional laws such as the FISA revision.

    If the Republicans take back the House, they will indeed impeach Obama. But the Senate will not have enough votes to remove him from office. There will be no President Biden.

    The House will in effect waste their time for two years. Obama will be completely discredited and will not be able to run in 2012. That will clear the way for true progressives like Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean to become the Democratic Presidential Candidate. Either one could beat Billary now that we know she, just like Obama, is a Blue Dog DINO-Fascist.

    Enjoy the blood bath on Election Day, Democrats. You earned it by not stopping the DINOs when you had a chance.

    Like Howard Dean always says, “You can’t beat Republicans by being Republican Light.”

    Oh, well, I guess the soon to be out of office Democrats can get lucrative jobs on K Street as lobbyists, or on Wall Street with Goldman Sucks.

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