Bagman Boehner Launders Bucks from Bailed Out Corporations into Donations to Tea Party Candidates Running Against Bailouts

Bagman Boehner
Bagman Boehner
You have to wonder what the tea party rank and file would think about the fact that their own anti-bailout, anti-government candidates are taking donations that are, arguably, derived from the same taxpayer bailouts they despise.

It’s also a shame that swing voters who are ready to put the Republicans back in charge are not aware that those Republicans have not changed one iota in the four years since they were fired by the American electorate. They are still completely in the tank for the mega-corps that want to turn the clock back to the free-wheeling days of the Bush era — to the same unregulated system that led to the economic collapse and the Bush recession.

Here’s how the laundering of the bailout donations works. First, Speaker Wanna-Be John Boehner and the GOP take donations from bailed out corporations:

The two top recipients of money from companies receiving TARP funds are the top two House Republicans, Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) with $200,000 and Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) with $187,000. They are followed by the ranking members of two key House committees, Spencer Bachus (Ala.) on Financial Services and Dave Camp (Mich.) on the tax-writing committee.

The Republican Party itself is getting some of the bank contributions. Seven financial firms have given the maximum $15,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee in each of the past two years, including American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs – a total of $210,000.

Boehner then deposits the bailed out corporations’ donations — along with thousands of dollars he has collected from D.C. corporate lobbyists — into his Friends of John Boehner slush fund, from which he writes checks to tea party candidates who are running against bailouts and D.C. corporate lobbyists in their campaigns, including Rich Iott, the Nazi dress-up OH08 Republican candidate; Tim Burns, the tea party PA12 Republican; and others, including FL22’s Allen West, OH16 James Renacci, OH15 Steve Stivers (a former bank lobbyist) and SC01’s Tim Scott.

This is nothing new for the Bagman. In 1996, Boehner was caught handing out donations to his Republican colleagues from Big Tobacco on the House floor.

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