More Tea Bagger Thuggery: Rand Paul Goon Stomps Head of Liberal Activst

Less than a week after two incidents of tea bagger thuggery — a reporter in Alaska was arrested by private security goons hired by tea bagger U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller and, in Florida, a campaign tracker for Democratic Rep. Ron Klein was threatened and intimidated by volunteer leather-clad thugs working for tea bagger Allen West — a Rand Paul tea party supporter was caught on camera last night stomping on the head of activist outside the venue for a debate in the Kentucky U.S. Senate race between Paul and Democratic candidate Jack Conway:

Democratic candidate Conway arrived first at the KET studios on Cooper Drive in Lexington, but there were fireworks just moments after GOP candidate Paul arrived.

A woman, appearing to pose as a Paul supporter and wearing a platinum wig, was wrestled to the curb by Paul supporters.

One of them even stomped on her head.

The woman, Lauren Valle, told police she was with the non-profit liberal group

She says she wanted to give Paul what appeared to be a satirical award and have her picture taken with the candidate.

“We are excited to give Rand the employee of the month award because he has been so good at diversity and unemployment solutions,” Valle said.

Valle told 27 NEWSFIRST she drove to Lexington from Washington, DC. She says she is not affiliated with either campaign.

Jon Ponder contributed to this article.

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