Fox’s Latest Revision of History: Iraq Is the Only Democracy Ever Born from Revolution

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The GOP’s propagandists at Fox have been busy rewriting history as fast and as hard as they can lately. Most notably, Glenn Beck has convinced his mostly elderly, feeble-minded and/or historically challenged viewers that the Nazis were liberals and that America’s Founding Fathers, many if not most of whom were slaveowners, inserted the three-fifths clause into the Constitution because “the Founders wanted to end slavery.”

Now Fox host Sean Hannity has proclaimed that in the entire history of the world, only one democracy has ever arisen out of an uprising — Iraq.

See minute 2:29:

STEPHEN COLBERT: Sure, sure. It’s easy to say the dictator’s out. That’s great. But Sean Hannity and I know that this won’t necessarily end in democracy.

SEAN HANNITY (in video clip): The only democracy that has emerged when you see uprising like this is in Iraq. Name me one other example. I can’t think of one in history. Can you?

COLBERT: No. I mean, besides the Czech Republic, India, France, Poland, East Germany and — I feel like I’m forgetting one. Oh yeah, the United States. But that’s six and he said “name one.” I’d say Sean wins this round.

And, for the feeble-minded or history-challenged who may be reading this: Iraq did not undergo an uprising. We invaded it for spurious reasons in what amounts to a gigantic, immensely expensive blunder and a horrendous war crime in which tens of thousands of people died for no good reason. Also, the democracy in Iraq is barely functioning and is unlikely to survive a year after the U.S. military leaves — if it ever does.

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  • GarryInNola
    February 4, 2011 - 12:36 pm | Permalink

    We invaded Iraq mostly for the oil reserves & to get right up next to Iran & Afghanistan in a sort of “power play”. All CIA intelligence revealed that an invasion of Iraq would lead to a long-term, bogged-down occupation with a myriad of problems that would last for years. Bush #1 listened to and heeded this information. GWB did not and so we are still there. Baghdad is barely livable outside the “green zone”.

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