Different Animals: Why Female Officials Don’t Cheat

The shorthand of it is that women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody. Women run because there is some public issue that they care about, some change they want to make, some issue that is a priority for them, and men tend to run for office because they see this as a career path.

Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, quoted in a New York Times story on the disparity in scandals between female and male members of Congress.


  • Michael Meggison
    June 15, 2011 - 2:39 pm | Permalink

    As everyone knows, I loathe and despise my female senator, Ms. Kirsten Gillibrand. Among the lengthy reasons why I dislike this bit—uh, woman, is because she is a gender-centered politician who plays gender politics and makes every legislative bill that she sponsors or co-sponsors about women, women, women (when she is not legislatively centered on illegal immigrant rights or whining about the run in her liderhosen) as if her mission is to represent only 1/2 of New York…especially the leftwing portion that is presently festering in New York City, Westchester and Nassau Counties, and much of Rockland County.

    Recently, in a feminist call in show, Sen. Gillibrand suggested that more women should get into politics because male politicians are screwing up making them unable to get abortions and most importantly, men have screwed up with sex scandal after sex scandal. You know, Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Vitter, Bill Clinton, Mel Reynolds, Mr. Foot Tap in Bathroom, Mark Sanford, Mark Foley (that Florida freak who texted boys). Now, women should be better represented in politics because they are less likely to get into sex scandals? Now, in my best “Church Lady” voice via the channeling of Dana Carvey “now, isn’t that special???!!!”

    The Cape Cod Times tries to spin it because they want to believe women are just morally superior to men: http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=%2F20110611%2FNEWS11%2F110619961%2F-1%2Frss04

    They claim women run for different reasons: to do something, rather than be someone. Whatever. If that is true, writer of bullshit, why do women politicians continually bring up their gender at every opportune moment, especially liberal Democratic women? WHY? We know most of them have a vagina underneath those granny panties and over-the-knee Grandma Moses skirt.

    Parroting this concern, a hilarious article surfaced in the Huffington Post, which gives some kind of moral compass for women politicians and why they don’t get themselves on the senate desk below a strapping dude intern: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-earle-mcleod/why-dont-women-politician_b_119612.html

    Dingbat writes,

    A saggy, baggy man ignore the aging image that greets him above his sink, preferring instead to seek (or even purchase) a more flattering self-image as reflected in the eyes of a younger woman. But middle-aged women are under no such delusions.

    Yeah, face the facts, Janet Napolitano, you are not going to get a dude in leather chaps slapping your fat dimped DHS ass covered in Redi Whip!

    Now, I can puncture holes in Ms. Gillibrand’s argument better than I can puncture a run in her thick German liderhosen that she wears along with her Amish hooker clothes. One, because women politicians are not involved in sex scandals of recent vintage, does not mean they are not capable of involvement in scandals either. Does Carole Mosely Braun ring a bell?

    Now the reasons why women are not embroiled in sex scandals are pretty obvious, especially if you are clear thinking and not politically correct.

    Here are the truths…write them down:

    One, is that men outnumber women in politics 9-to-1, thus with more men, more scandals. If it were 50-50 or so, believe me, the women in sex scandals would rise. Maybe that is why my baby Kirsten Gillibrand wants more women in office…so they can sew more wild oats in their office chambers after their 30th day bitch is over.

    Two, men are visual (Arnold S and Bill Clinton notwithstanding) and they would reject a woman with the largesse of Warren Buffet if the woman is old, fat, lumpy, wears unfashionable clothes, has her hair cut like a dude, and has cheese on her thighs. Look at many of the top female politicians out there: Janet Napolitano, Sonya Sotmayor, Anita Dunn, Debbie Stabenow, Nancy Pelosi, Olympia Snowe, Barbara Mikulski…may I go ON? I doubt even a blind man with the libido of thirty eight Viagras working at once would say “I would hit THAT!” to those penile shrinkers. Plus, many female politicians, especially liberal ones, give the impression that they hate men and despise them for keeping women barefoot and pregnant before Gloria Steinem and her crew rescued them from putting slippers on their man after a long day at the office.

    Three, as for women, let’s face it, don’t usually care about a man’s age, or weight, or hair, or dick size, as long as he has bucks and drives a nice car. It is the Anna Nicole Smith theory, which is correct on so many levels. That is why fat sloppy porkers like Newt Gingrich can have women 40 years younger than him, and Mark Sanford and his ape face could get a hot Argentine women to spend a weekend together, and fat drunks like Ted Kennedy can date, screw, and drown a hot blond in a lake. Don’t disagree women, you are all the same!

    So, all you Lane Bryant sized women pundits out there, don’t think out nation will become more moral with an influx of women politicians. You women got your way in 1993 when Anita Hill rightfully got her ass grilled by the senate for suggesting Clarence Thomas had a thing for that horse face. Well, Long Dong Thomas was the catalyst for a lot of women running for office and winning, and proving just to be as incompetent and worthless as our male legislators. How many women from the Class of 1993 are still in office?

    I think you can count the number on Heather Mill McCartney’s right stump.

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      Misogyny lives! I could almost hear Rex Harrison chant-singing “Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man” from “My Fair Lady” in the background as I read it.

  • June 15, 2011 - 7:24 pm | Permalink

    Jeez Michael, somebody needs him a hug.

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