Only Christians Can Save Christianity

Dan Savage makes the point that liberal Christians who are tired of being lumped together with what he calls “right-wing fundamentalist batshit asshole douchebag Christians” should complain — not to the targets of evangelical hate campaigns like himself — but to the haters who run the hate groups in Christ’s name, like the American Family Association, National Organization for Marriage and the rest.

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    I shudder to think of the literal Hell that awaits them lest they repent fall to their knees and believe upon Christ Jesus the Savior of the world the Master and creator of the universe. . . As Christians we should all pray as Jesus did that God forgive them for they know not what they do. . See video below and click on photo above to enlarge..Contact Peter LaBarbera .CHICAGO This Easter Sunday in San Francisco s Delores Park Christianity-spoofing homosexual drag queen nuns calling themselves the will stage their annual Hunky Jesus contest mocking the Savior of the world Jesus Christ as shirtless men in crucifixion costumes parade on stage in an atmosphere of haughty homoerotic humor. .The profane and shockingly insensitive spectacle illustrates the secular pro- gay Left s hypocrisy in demanding respect for homosexuals and transsexuals even as they cynically mock Christ and true religion on the holiest day of the year for Christians says Peter LaBarbera president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality AFTAH . . There s nothing that delights arrogant pro-homosexual liberals more than as evidenced by this blasphemous Easter contest LaBarbera said.

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