Debt Deal Confirms Democrats’ Worst Fears about Obama

Overall, the deal served to confirm the worst suspicions held by some Democrats: first, that the White House is unwilling to drive a hard bargain or is poor at negotiation. And second, that it is loathe to stand up for liberal values or has inherently conservative policy preferences. These critiques are more common among those Democrats who criticize the White House frequently. But I have also heard them in recent days from Democrats who tend toward the center-left and who tend to defend the White House, some of whom cite the poor precedent that the deal has established.

– Democratic-leaning pollster Nate Silver


  • Karen
    August 1, 2011 - 6:20 pm | Permalink

    I disagree. The GOP/Tea Baggers own this now and if the economy tanks as the economists/some GOP too have suggested, Obama and the Dems can say “The GOP/Tea Baggers Demanded We Do it Their Way, so we Did and the GOP/Tea Baggers Caused the Economy to Tank.” Many said that we needed revenue and budget cuts.

    It took allot of courage for Obama to do this as he knew this would be unpopular –hey he can read polls too. But, he put the country first and political party/politics second. The GOP/Tea Party put political party/agenda before country.

    Compromise is not a dirty word as the GOP/Tea Baggers would like you to believe. It has served our country well since the Founding Fathers constructed the U.S. Constitution and we would not be the United State of America today if they had not compromised.

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