Chris Matthews’ Plan to Force Tea Party Republicans to Create Jobs

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Here is a summary of Chris Matthews’ plan:

MATTHEWS: If some member of Congress refused to [approve the construction], put the heat on him or her. Make him or her defend that dangerous bridge, make them explain why it’s get better to not do job that government is there to do.
  1. Compile a list of all of the thousands of bridges in this country that are below safety code and organize the list by congressional districts.
  2. Publicize those dilapidated bridges and their exact locations in their communities in the congressional districts so that local voters are aware. Let parents, grandparents and concerned citizens see the danger the bridges pose to the next car or school bus that goes over them.
  3. Call on voters to demand that their member of Congress vote to fix the bridge so that it is up to safety code.
  4. Call a vote on the projects, one by one, if necessary, so that voters see where their House member stands.
  5. Each bridge repair project will create hundreds of jobs in the local community, which will spur job growth in related sectors.

While this would apply to every congressional district, it would pose a political problem for the dozens of Republicans in the House who are determined to sabotage the economy — the ones who are standing in the way of job creation — particularly Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and members of the tea party caucus she chairs.


MATTHEWS: But, let me talk about something I’ve started tonight, it’s jobs.

It’s talk — not talk, not taxes, not this political togetherness that adds up to doing nothing in this country, not a bus trip.

Here’s my jobs program and how to make it happen.

Mr. President, all you have to do is get your public works and economic development people and these government agencies to draw up a list of all of the bridges in this country below safety code in all the congressional districts of the country.

You get some help locally on this from the chief engineers of the towns across the country. That’s how they get the information. Start with that.

Get a picture of those dilapidated bridges and have your local Democratic committee people, or mayor, or whoever you can call, local newspaper, local TV affiliate, and get them to put a picture of those bridges and their exact locations right on the television or the newspaper before the local people.

Let them see the danger that bridge poses to the next car or school bus that goes over and demand that the local member of Congress vote to fix it. Vote to get it up to safety code.

Get it? It’s not about political defense or defense, not about trying to match the other party in your fervor to cut government spending or cut taxes or whatever else is on their agenda.It’s about getting to the country’s agenda, putting people to work, doing things that need doing.

Look, if you want to get things build, the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge — they all went up during the middle of the Great Depression.You build them when labor is cheap, when prices are held down by the slow economy. You do the jobs that need doing when there are people out there looking desperately for something to do.

This is the Chris Matthews jobs program — take the pictures, put them before the public. Let people know what’s failing, falling down, and fix it.

If some member of Congress refused to do it again, put the heat on him or her. Make him or her defend that dangerous bridge, make them explain why it’s get better to not do job that government is there to do.

Is the private sector going to fix the bridge? Don’t wait too long for them to do it.

The key is focus here, political focus. The key is keeping it local. The key is hitting those projects that need doing. Not shovel-ready, whatever that means. It’s something broken that needs fixing and some lazy stubborn member of Congress is keeping it from getting fixed.

Put the heat on these people instead of sitting there and having them put that heat on you, Mr. President.

The bus trip would be a lot better if you were taking that bus over the bridges and the roads, pass the other public works jobs that you are dead set on fixing and your opponents are afraid to refuse.

So, make them an offer they can’t refuse. Offer to fix the bridges where they live, where their kids have to cross in the morning this September. Just do it, because it’s a lot better than getting yelled at for doing something and being looked down on for standing there and taking it.

So, there is it is, the Chris Matthews jobs program. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post it on the site. Your name is going to be on that one.

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  • Scott
    August 12, 2011 - 4:10 am | Permalink

    Until a Teatard politician or a very high level Fox News pundit or executive dies due to an infrastructure collapse, not a single cent will be approved by a Teatard or a Republican.

    In the meantime, you can be assured that they’ll address nothing but social issues until they’re blue in the face.

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