GOP Florida Sen. Rubio: Social Security ‘Weakened Us As a People’

art-assault-floridaPart of the series, Assault on Florida.Via Digby:

RUBIO: These programs actually weakened us as a people. You see, almost forever, it was institutions in society that assumed the role of taking care of one another. If someone was sick in your family, you took care of them. If a neighbor met misfortune, you took care of them. You saved for your retirement and your future because you had to. We took these things upon ourselves in our communities, our families, and our homes, and our churches and our synagogues. But all that changed when the government began to assume those responsibilities. All of a sudden, for an increasing number of people in our nation, it was no longer necessary to worry about saving for security because that was the government’s job.

Diby’s take:

Isn’t that nice? If only we could go back to the days of Ward and June Cleaver when everyone took care of each other and didn’t need things like money or health insurance when they got old and sick and couldn’t work. Back in the good old days everyone took care of the poor and there was no suffering or pain. It was one big happy family. Except, of course, that’s just crap.

Think Progress reports:

[P]rior to Medicare’s enactment in 1965, “about one-half of America’s seniors did not have hospital insurance,” “more than one in four elderly were estimated to go without medical care due to cost concerns,” and one in three seniors were living in poverty. Today, nearly all seniors have access to affordable health care and only about 14 percent of seniors are below the poverty line.


  • Bob Greene
    September 2, 2011 - 10:52 pm | Permalink

    Marco Rubio is the latest GOP effort to fight reality with slogans, and the result is simply preposterous– even entertainment demands higher standards than the circus of GOP hopefuls.

    But Rubio also proves the Latin political tradition of el Caudillo is alive and well. Rubio makes conservative appeals to macho power and authority, couched in fables of Horatio Alger-style self-reliance– an approach strangely out of place with a comatose economy, no social safety net, and fewer jobs. Wishful thinking is never the answer.

    But Rubio is a somber warning for the GOP, as well. In coming decades, the GOP must confront a demographic running against them. In their book, The Emerging Democratic Majority, authors John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira observe a mainstream voter demographic moving out of the WASP mold and values system to embrace social justice and economic opportunity.

    Although the book discusses regional trends in broad detail, its already 9-year-old perspective rings more true today than ever– Hispanic-origin residents are already the largest minority in this country, and are ready to vote their values.

  • Phil Sole
    September 8, 2011 - 4:55 am | Permalink

    Oh come Rubio. Get with the 21st Century.
    Or even the 19th century for that matter.
    The USA is the only country that doesn’t have a mandate in its constitution to look after its old and sick.

    Yes, social systems are abused, and may be a burden on the tax payer, but the world does not regard them anymore as products of communism or such like but as a sign of a civilized country that has got its act together when it comes to caring for its citizens.

    Nope, sorry, it just goes against that good old GOP greed and selfishness that we see so much of these days.

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