Florida’s Newest Democrat: Mrs. Charlie Crist

Carole Crist: Too smart to be a Republican?

While the obvious question might be, “What took you so long?” the fact remains that even Carole Rome Crist, wife of former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, is now a Democrat.

Crist himself, of course, left the Republican party when it went all tea party crazy and lined up behind eventual winner Marco Rubio in the 2010 Florida Senate race. But Charlie simply dropped out of the GOP to become an independent while Mrs. Crist is taking the more active step of registering as a Democrat.

Which straw, we wonder, broke the camel’s back and turned Carole from red to blue?

  • Was it the pro-dwarf-tossing bill which State Rep. Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) introduced as a means of reducing unemployment among Florida’s “little people?”
  • Was it Gov. Rick’s Scott continuing email problem, in which it has been revealed that he “accidentally” deleted public record emails once, twice, and now three times?
  • Is it the ongoing drama surrounding Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, whose office has been a Peyton Place of employee dismissals, fires set in trash cans, power struggles with her governor’s office, and general malfeasance?
  • Or was it Carroll’s recent speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition in which she declared that Christians are engaged in a war with scientists and the media and, “There is no gray area. Either you believe or you don’t believe.”
  • Maybe it was the way government, under confused tea partier Scott, has decided it will choose majors for college students. Scott announced he will defund liberal arts programs, including anthropology, in favor of more vocational courses like math, engineering, and technology, as a way of forcing students to major in those interests. Scott apparently doesn’t know much about his adopted state, which is the site of the oldest European settlement in the New World and which fuels international tourism, because he said anthropologists are of not of vital interest in Florida.
  • It could be the governor’s welshing on his signature campaign promise of job creation. With employment stagnant in the state despite gutting regulations and environmental protections, Scott now says he only promised 700,000 new jobs over four years. In fact, at every stump speech, he claimed those jobs would be over and above the one million new jobs that economists predicted no matter who won.
  • Or maybe it was the recent ruling that Scott and the Republican legislature unconstitutionally hid an ALEC-written requirement into the budget that prisons be privatized, or the other lawsuits challenging almost every bill passed last session, including drug testing welfare applicants, stonewalling the fair districts reapportionment amendment, ALEC-written voting restrictions, gagging Florida pediatricians if they address gun safety around children, and on and on and on.

Husband Charlie only explained his wife’s party switch by noting she is “very bright.” We don’t doubt the intelligence of ditching the Republican party, especially in the Sunshine State. We just wonder what’s wrong with the rest of its members.

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