Ron Paul Campaign Touts Endorsement by Pastor Who Calls for Executing Gays

Phillip Kayser, a virulently homophobic preacher who endorsed Ron Paul
Phillip Kayser, a virulently homophobic preacher who endorsed Ron Paul
How can libertarians be Christians? The two philosophies are polar opposites. Jesus was collectivist who commanded his followers to tend to those in need — to feed the hungry, house the homeless and heal the sick.

Libertarians like Ayn Rand, writer of the teen novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” believe that Jesus’ philosophy is, as she put it, “evil.” Followers of Rand and the libertarian creed believe selfishness is the highest virtue, that we’re all in this alone — every man woman and child for him or herself.

Polling in advance of the Iowa caucuses suggest that Rep. Ron Paul, a Christian libertarian from Texas, will come in first or second there next Tuesday. Paul, who is also a physician, says that, as a libertarian, he believes that the government should not ever interfere with individual freedoms. But, as a Christian, he also believes the opposite: when the individual happens to be a pregnant woman, Big Government should intervene to countermand her free will to choose not to give birth.

Now the Paul campaign has proudly announced that Paul has received the endorsement of a hard-core right-wing Christianist whose views are so out of the mainstream that he advocates the updating U.S. law to reflect Old Testament law, starting with the punishment for homosexuality laid out in Leviticus:

Ron Paul has faced a torrent of criticism in recent weeks over newsletters printed in his name during the 1980s and 1990s which contained racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic content. He is also on the hook for accepting the support of fringe right-wing groups. While Paul dismisses these concerns, his campaign seems to have no problem working with and enjoying the support of anti-gay extremists, including one supporter who has called for the implementation of the death penalty for homosexual behavior.

Paul’s Iowa chair, Drew Ivers, recently touted the endorsement of Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, a pastor at the Dominion Covenant Church in Nebraska who also draws members from Iowa, putting out a press release praising “the enlightening statements he makes on how Ron Paul’s approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs.” But Kayser’s views on homosexuality go way beyond the bounds of typical anti-gay evangelical politics and into the violent fringe: he recently authored a paper arguing for criminalizing homosexuality and even advocated imposing the death penalty against offenders based on his reading of Biblical law.

“Difficulty in implementing Biblical law does not make non-Biblical penology just,” he argued. “But as we have seen, while many homosexuals would be executed, the threat of capital punishment can be restorative. Biblical law would recognize as a matter of justice that even if this law could be enforced today, homosexuals could not be prosecuted for something that was done before.”

Update: Box Turtle Bulletin reports that the Paul campaign has scrubbed Kayser’s endorsement from its website.

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  • Bartow-Joe
    December 29, 2011 - 6:03 am | Permalink

    If Ron Paul wasn’t such a crazy a**hole, he might make a good candidate.

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