Occupy Miami Camp to Be Raided at Sunset

Occupy Miami 11-26-11
I received this press release today:

Miami, FL, Jan. 31, 2012 – Miami-Dade County has issued a memo to Occupy Miami demanding that the West Lawn of Government Center be vacated and cleared of all personal property by sunset Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

Anyone remaining beyond this deadline will be “subject to arrest for trespassing.” This comes three days after a permit to occupy the space was denied, on grounds of “current site conditions and unsafe activities.” These memos follow one issued January 5 by County Commissioner Joe A. Martinez to Mayor Carlos Gimenez, urging the Mayor to declare those staying overnight at Government Center be considered “trespassing” and noting that some activities occurring there were being monitored by an unspecified federal agency.

Since Oct. 15, 2011, the 24/7 Occupy Miami “Peace City” encampment has been a highly visible symbol of the Occupy Miami movement. An overnight encampment based at the heart of politics in Miami-Dade County was employed to congregate and energize activists, serve as a hub of learning and activism, and garner an undeniable, unrelenting community presence.

However, Occupy Miami is much more than simply a camp. It is a fluid, ever-evolving movement, which has matured much since its beginnings. Tuesday’s eviction does not signal its demise, but rather the tangible shift to an exciting, new phase in a movement continually growing stronger, larger, and more powerful. Occupy Miami could never be encompassed by a camp, since its efforts are as diverse and flexible as the occupants of Miami itself. While the County may try to evict the camp, they can never evict the idea.

Occupy Miami seeks to inform the public about important issues facing Miami, the nation, and the planet. The current political system does not solve the problems we face as a community, from wealth inequality, banking and student loan fraud, or the prison and military industrial complex. In fact, this political system perpetuates them. We encourage residents from all corners of the city to come out to Government Center on this occasion to discuss the future of Miami. Regardless of the County’s attempts to close down the physical encampment, the activists who have been working tirelessly as Occupy Miami will continue organizing and working with other local groups as long as these conditions persist.

An enlightenment movement concerned not only with exposing corruption in the economic systems of the United States, but also its disingenuous foreign policy, which actively destabilizes the lives of millions of people the world over. The Occupy Movement began with Occupy Wall Street in reaction to the government sanctioning bank bailouts and secret Federal Reserve loans to private corporations in excess of $15 trillion, while doing little to positively impact the lives of average Americans. Occupy Miami arose in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, to bring into public discourse the plight of the people of Miami at the hands of corrupt and short-sighted politicians more concerned with awarding interest-conflicting contracts in bids of favoritism than the ongoing suffering of the people they are elected to represent.


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