Wisconsin Dems Seek Accountability for ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Council – and its Corporatist Agenda

Earlier this week on Current TV’s “The War Room,” host Jennifer Granholm interviewed a Wisconsin legislator who is sponsoring legislation that would hold the American Legislative Exchange Council accountable to voters for the first time:

The War Room takes a close look at a little known lobbying machine called ALEC — The American Legislative Exchange Council — a group that strategically pushes conservative, pro-corporate legislation in states across the nation. Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and other state leaders are sponsoring legislation that will counter ALEC’s efforts and “shine the light on a group that wants to operate in the shadows.” The legislative group is focused on creating special interest, anti-consumer legislation that can be replicated state by state. “It’s so for and by the corporations that it’s almost ridiculous,” Pocan says of the Council.

If you’re not familiar with ALEC, you should be. Check out the video here that shows how this powerful corporate-funded pressure group is quietly undermining American democracy, state by state.

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