Even FOX Is Beginning to Demand Specifics From Romney

Romney seems to have internalized the Mormon culture of secrecy

Apparently we have a better chance of seeing Mitt Romney’s tax returns than we do of knowing his plans for balancing the budget through changes in the tax code, which is how he says he would do it. You know that when even FOX News (although I don’t think Gregg Jarrett is one of the most egregious Republican tools who anchor shows on the network) is trying to pin down Romney and his policy wonks, there is some serious evasion going on.

Romney’s platform up to now has been for us to trust him, but he keeps too many secrets to allow it. For example, along with those tax returns, there are the records he sealed as he left the office of governor of Massachusetts. Good luck glimpsing those.

The cult of Mormonism is based on secrets. Besides the famous “magic underwear” that keeps the body hidden from God, secrecy surrounds the rituals and ceremonies of the sect. “Gentiles” may not enter the temple in Salt Lake City, and no one who has been married in a temple ceremony is allowed to divulge what happens there — on penalty of death.

The cult’s founder, Joseph Smith, asked followers to trust him when he claimed an angel led him to secret golden plates that contained hieroglyphics only he could read, which he used to build his order. When people asked to see these plates, Smith claimed the angel took them back.

Romney seems to have internalized this culture of secrecy, the spirit of Joseph Smith burning in him. Romney considers not answering to people to be his due, and his attitude of superiority and entitlement is just one of many reasons his personal likability numbers improved to only 31 percent after the Republican convention. He wants us to vote for him, but he won’t tell us what we’ll get if we do.

If trusting Mitt Romney is a bridge too far even for FOX, how can the rest of us even consider it?


  • MikeG
    October 21, 2012 - 5:54 am | Permalink

    I think they would have been wise to ask for specifics from Obama. If they had they would never have voted for him.

  • KMCopeland
    November 15, 2012 - 10:04 am | Permalink

    Liberals make a huge mistake when they zero in on someone’s religion as a reason to object to them. I don’t know why they think it’s any different from the far right’s insistence that being Muslim is enough reason to object to a candidate for office, or that being a born-again Christian is enough reason to support one — but it’s not. It’s the exact same thing.

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