Poll: Solid Majority Say Election Is a Choice, Not a Referendum on President

The internals in the poll cited here showed some weakness for Pres. Obama, but as long as this this top line remains so decidedly true, and Romney continues to be viewed unfavorably and as unlikable by a majority of voters, the president’s chances of winning in November remain strong:

A clear majority — 61 percent — of likely voters consider the presidential election to be more of a choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney than a referendum on the president’s first term in office, according to a new poll for The Hill.

Just over one-third — 34 percent — of voters said they considered the election to be a judgment on Obama’s job performance in the White House.

The results offer a measure of good news for Democrats, who have sought to frame the Nov. 6 election primarily as a choice between two candidates with different visions for the country.

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