Hate Group Spokesman for GOP Base: Romney Has Put a ‘Bag Over Ryan’s Head’ and a ‘Sock in His Mouth’

Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential nominee, reading his speech to a hate-group rally from teleprompters
Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan -- whose head appears to be unbagged -- reading his speech to a hate-group rally from teleprompters

The fringe dwellers that comprise the Republican base met in Washington this week for the Values Voters Summit, which is sponsored by the Family Research Center, which is on the hate-group list maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center. At the conclave, FRC spokesman Bryan Fischer launched the campaign to pre-blame a Romney-Ryan loss in November on Mitt Romney’s insufficient ideological purity — but note how he uses analogies based on kidnapping and violence (or, more aptly perhaps in Fischer’s case, BD-SM):

“The biggest mistake is they put a bag over Paul Ryan’s head,” Fischer said, responding to a question from The Huffington Post on where the Romney campaign had gone wrong. “That’s the biggest mistake they made — they put a sock in Paul Ryan’s mouth.

“When he came on board there was tremendous energy from the grassroots,” he continued. “It was the Ryan-Romney ticket. If it was still the Romney-Ryan ticket — if he was still given the opportunity to be Paul Ryan — I think they would be a hit.”

Like many others on the extreme right, Fischer has turned his own personal compulsive obsession with homosexuality into a lucrative career as a fomenter of gay hatred, so he was particularly critical of the Romney campaign’s purported muzzling of Ryan to prevent him from discussing his opposition to marriage equality:

“I was deeply disappointed today that Paul Ryan did not say one single solitary word about marriage. That disturbs me a lot,” Fischer said. “This is the safest place in America to talk about the institution of marriage, and he didn’t do it,” he said, noting that Ryan must have received “some kind of directive” from the top of the Romney campaign to not try and tackle gay marriage.

“If they won’t send a solid clear unambiguous message on social issues how do they expect to engage the pro-family community?” Fischer asked.

Fischer told a Huffington Post reporter that if Romney-Ryan lose in the fall, conservatives will immediately rally around Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their candidate for 2016:

[Conservatives] “will be done … finished.” In such a case, he called for the GOP to immediately get behind Rick Perry and start planning for 2016.

“If Barack Obama wins this election, the Republican Party as we know it is finished,” Fischer said. “It is dead, it is toast, you can stick a fork in it.”

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    Romney the robot was bought in Israel when they fundraised for him, today Bib goes on Meet the Press to campaign for him (or rather for us to go fight Iran)

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