Romney Campaign Caught Lying – Says It’s Pulling out of North Carolina On Friday, Then, on Saturday, Campaign Operative Admits It is Not

Voters lined up for early voting in Durham on Oct. 18 (Photo by Elizabeth Wilcox)
Voters lined up for early voting in Durham on Oct. 18 (Photo by Elizabeth Wilcox)

More amateur hour antics from the Romney campaign…

Oct. 19, 2012:

The presidential campaign of Mitt Romney has begun shifting staff out of North Carolina, saying Thursday it was feeling confident enough that the state would go Republican next month. Although the campaign declined to specify how many individuals were involved in the shift, it did acknowledge that its chief spokesman, Robert Reid, had been moved to Ohio.

“With the increasingly widening polls in North Carolina, we will continue to allocate resources, including key senior staff, to other states,” said Michael Levoff, a Romney campaign spokesman in Boston…

The Obama campaign said rather than downsizing, it had in recent weeks added organizers in North Carolina. “This signals to North Carolina voters that the Romney campaign is taking their votes for granted,” said Cameron French, the chief spokesman for the state Obama campaign.

Oct. 20, 2012:

Mitt Romney is not pulling out of North Carolina, despite reports suggesting otherwise. In fact, he appears to be transferring just one press officer to Ohio, while keeping all other staffers in the state and all statewide offices open until Election Day…

It appears to have been — as Democrats claimed at the time — a head-fake. The Huffington Post placed calls to all 22 Romney Victory offices in the state of North Carolina on Saturday. Each one was still open, with plans to remain that way until Election Day. Asked about reports that Romney was moving resources out of the state, several campaign staffers (not knowing that they were talking to a member of the press) said that those reports were overstated.

“That’s not true,” said an official at Romney’s Concord Victory Office. “There was one person who left from Raleigh and that’s because we had a pretty deep communications team. We shipped one to Ohio but we still have a pretty deep team in the state.”

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