In Foreign Policy Debate, Romney Displays Ignorance of Geography of the Persian Gulf, Site of Two U.S. Wars in the Past 20 Years


Apparently, Herman “Uzbekstan-stan-stan” Cain helped with Mitt Romney’s geography prep going into the presidential debate on foreign policy last night — and it was not the first time he’d gotten the geography of the Middle East wrong:

During last night’s foreign policy debate, Romney said: “Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world. It’s their route to the sea.”

In fact, Iran, a close ally of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, has direct access to international waters through its large coastline on the Gulf and is not even a neighbor to Syria in order to rely on it as a route to the sea.

Instead, Syria gives Iran a physical access to Lebanon and its Hezbollah militia which is strategically important for Tehran leaders because of the group’s geographical position in respect to Israel.

It is not the first time that Gov. Romney has referred to Syria as a country that provides Iran with a route to the sea.

In March, Romney made the exact gaffe at the AIPAC conference.

“Maybe one of the few bright spots in the Middle East developments in the last year has been the rising of the people in Syria against Assad. Obviously, as you know, Syria is Iran’s only Arab ally in the region. Syria is the route that allows Iran to supply Hezbollah with weapons in Lebanon. Syria is Iran’s route to the sea,” he said, according to the Washington Post, which fact-checked his remarks back then.

The United States has fought two wars in the Persian Gulf region in just the past two decades. You would think a man who wants to become commander-in-chief would have a strong working knowledge of the geography of the world’s top hot spot.


  • October 23, 2012 - 11:46 am | Permalink

    Is anything being done about the Romney owned voting machines that will be used in election, they are known for being easily programmed to flip votes, they are banned in Europe.

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      They’re banned in California, too.

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